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mIRC 4.52

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mIRC 4.52  Girişi değiştir

  • Fixed UTC permanently.
  • Fixed invalid ctcp replies causing a gpf.
  • Fixed /play bug.
  • Fixed scrollbars not being set properly in some windows when they first open.
  • Changed method of adding Icons to program manager in Installation program.
  • Fixed bug in Installation program when installing into directory names with spaces in them.
  • Fixed the COMMAND DDE topic to work better with certain types of poked commands.
  • Fixed bug with Popup menus when using { } brackets to enclose commands in different level menu items.
  • Fixed channels folder bug not allowing you to join a channel unless it was first added to the list.
  • In COMMANDS, $parm1 now refers to the actual COMMAND.
  • Server notices are now only displayed in status window.
  • Added $address(nickname,type) which scans the internal address list and returns a users address if it\'s found.
  • Added $logdir, $getdir, $wavedir, $mircdir which return current directory paths for each location.
  • Identifiers in remote/popup commands which call aliases are now evaluated before the alias is called.
  • Fixed ON NOTIFY not being triggered by notify event.
  • mIRC will no longer allow the DO ctcp command to execute at or below the default user level.
  • Now allows /group, /enable, and /disable commands to be used with the RAW section.
  • Changed description of Protect option which said it worked with addresses.. it can only work with nicknames.
  • Added $lf = chr(10) linefeed and $cr = chr(13) return.
  • Added $lof(filename) which returns the size in bytes of the specified file.
  • Added $pos(string,substring) which returns the position of substring in string.
  • Fixed bug in remote when parsing { } brackets, was miscounting and skipping definitions.
  • Made remote routines less strict in the type of format they expect in definitions. eg. the :> redirection.
  • The channels.txt file now does not store channels that were excluded in the Hide parameters section.
  • Added $send(N) and $get(N) which return currently open send/get windows.
  • .Fixed $chat(N) so it only returns the nickname of the user.
  • Now allows multiple channel names as variables, eg:
      1:ON JOIN:%chan1,#mIRC,%chan2:etc...

      Or you can do:

      1:ON JOIN:%channels:etc...

      Where %channels is a list of channels separated by commas.
      You can\'t *combine* these though.
  • Added $mask(address,type) which returns the address with the specified mask.
  • Identifiers are now passed correctly when calling an alias from another alias.
  • Added command line parameter -ppassword for use with the -jchannel parameter. Specifies password to join channel.
  • Now supports the PASSWORD parameter in .chat files for joining a channel with a password.

    1:ON CHATOPEN:/commands...

  • Added /flushini which flushes the ini file to disk if it is currently being cached.
  • Added /closedccs, /closechats, and /closefserves, which close all inactive send/get, chat, and fserve windows.
  • Added $nopath(filename) identifier which returns only the filename with no path.
  • Fixed $$ not working when used in $$1 $$2 .. $$N.
  • Added $replace(string,substring,replacement) and $remove(string,substring).
  • Speeded up processing of identifiers and commands.
  • Speeded up display of info in /links window.
  • Fixed NT bug... it didn\'t like low-level assembly routines.
  • Fixed +v/-v mode display in channel nicknames listbox.
  • The default /list setting for minimum number of people on a channel has changed from zero to four.
  • Using /halt to prevent certain EVENTs from being displayed has been removed. It worked, but the order of display of information became non-intuitive and confusing. Will find a better way to do this for the next version.
  • Added $result identifier which stores the result of a /return . The result can be a number between 0 and 30,000.

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