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VirtualBox 4.1.24

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VirtualBox 4.1.24  Girişi değiştir

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: adapted to changes in Mac OS X 10.8.2 (bug #10965)
  • VMM: page fusion fixes
  • GUI: disable proxy authentication for security reasons
  • VRDP: fixed occasional crash during a video playback in the guest
  • NAT: fixed a memory leak when disabling the NAT engine (bug #10801)
  • NAT: fixed a crash under rare circumstances (Windows hosts only; bug #10128)
  • Virtio-net: fixed the problem with network statistics counters in Session Information dialog (GUI)
  • Storage: fixed a hang during VM reset under certain circumstances (bug #10898)
  • Storage: fixed hang under rare circumstances
  • Storage: fixed hang in case of unaligned requests and async I/O enabled
  • Storage: fixed hang with newer VHD images (bug #11279)
  • VGA: fix for double scan text modes
  • VBoxManage: fixed a memory leak when executing and waiting for a guest process (bug 10859)
  • VBoxManage: fixed converting disks from raw images
  • BIOS: certain legacy guests (e.g. Windows 95) didn't find the boot device after a warm reboot
  • BIOS: don't trash the palette in text modes when setting the border color
  • USB: fixed invalid pending request count at the time of service of DEVICE POWER requests (Windows hosts only; bugs #10021, #11056)
  • OVF: fixed importing OVF files cerated by recent VMware products (bug #10905)
  • Linux hosts / guests: Linux 3.7-rc1 fixes
  • Linux Additions: support X.Org Server 1.13
  • Linux Additions: fixed a hang when the X server was restarted with old guest kernels
  • Linux Additions: fixed a VBoxService crash during CPU hot remove (bug #10964)
  • Windows Additions: fixed Guest screen automatic resize issue for NT4
  • Windows Additions: fixed auto-logon installation for Windows 8
  • Windows Additions: fixed Guest Additions startup on Windows 2000 guests
  • Windows Additions: don't fail if the shared folders host service is not available

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