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- VMM: SMP stability fixes
- VMM: fixed guru meditation in certain rare cases (bug #5968)
- VMM: activate NXE for PAE enabled guests (VT-x and AMD-V on 32 bits hosts only; bug #3578)
- VMM: added workaround for broken BIOSes that make VirtualBox think AMD-V is in use (for details see bug #5639)
- VMM: fixed rare host reboot when restoring a saved state (bug #3945)
- VMM: fixed incompatibility with 2.6.32 Linux kernels (software virtualization only; bug #6100)
- VMM: turn on nested paging by default for new VMs (if available; VT-x and AMD-V only)
- VMM: turn on VPID by default for new VMs (if available; VT-x only)
- VMM: perform strict CPUID compatibility checks when teleporting; to get the old behavior set "VBoxInternal/CPUM/StrictCpuIdChecks" to 0
- VMM: fixed VM crash with certain 16 bits Windows applications (software virtualization only; bug #5399)
- Snapshots: fixed a 3.1 regression that broke deletion of snapshots when a machine had immutable or writethrough storage attached (bug #5727)
- Saved state: fixed VERR_SSM_LOADED_TOO_MUCH error when loading DisplayScreenshot(bug #6162)
- VBoxManage: add restorecurrent operation to snapshots command
- VBoxManage: fixed broken snapshot lookup by name (bug #6070
- GUI: fixed the broken "Reload" button that reloads the machine XML when a machine is inaccessible
- GUI: fixed guest fullscreen mode after reboot (bug #5372)
- GUI: handle Ctrl+Break properly on X11 hosts (bug #6122)
- GUI: fixed status LEDs for storage devices
- GUI: workaround for disabling the seamless mode on KDE hosts (KWin bug)
- 3D support: fixed SELinux warning saying requires text relocation (bug #5690)
- 3D support: fixed Corrupted surface rendering (bug #5695)
- 3D support: free textures on guest application termination (bug #5206)
- 3D support: fixed ubigraph_server crashes (#4674)
- 3D support: fixes for 64-bit Solaris guests
- Seamless: disable seamless mode when guest changes screen resolution (bug #5655)
- NAT: fixed high CPU load under certain circumstances (Windows hosts only; bug #5787)
- NAT: fixed handling of the broadcast flag in DHCP requests
- NAT: fixed rare crash due to an assertion in the ICMP code (bug #3217)
- Virtio-net: don't crash when ports accessed beyond the valid range (bug #5923)
- LsiLogic: fix for Windows 7 guests
- ATA: fix for guru meditation when installing Solaris 8 guests (bug #5972)
- VHD: fixed an incompatibility with Virtual PC (bug #5990)
- VHD: update the footer backup after setting a new UUID (bug #5004)
- Host DVD: really fixed loading "passthrough" setting from config file (bug #5681)
- Shared folders: fixed resolving of symlink target on Linux (3.1.2 regression)
- VRDP: fixed VERR_NET_ADDRESS_IN_USE error when restarting a VM (3.1 regression; bug #5902)
- VRDP: fixed crash on Mac OS X when 3D is enabled (3.1 regression)
- PulseAudio: fixed recording (bug #4302)
- USB: fixed a shutdown blue screen (Windows hosts only; bug #5885)
- BIOS: fixed attribute during text scroll (bug #3407)
- OVF: fix strange error messages on disk import errors
- OVF: do not require write access the the .ovf file during import (3.1 regression; bug #5762)
- iSCSI: fix taking snapshots of a running VM (#5849)
- Guest Additions: fixed wrong guest time adjustment if the guest clock is ahead (3.1 regression; non-Windows guests only)
- Windows Additions: fixed malfunctioning !VBoxService that broke time-sync (bug #5872)
- Windows Additions: fixed uninstallation issues on 64-bit guests
- Windows Additions: fixed some sysprep execution issues
- X.Org Additions: never reject the saved video mode as invalid (bug #5731)
- XFree86 Additions: accept video mode hints for the initial mode again

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