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VirtualBox 2.0.4

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VirtualBox 2.0.4  Girişi değiştir

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: better error reporting for VT-x failures
  • VMM: don’t over?ow the release log with PATM messages (bug #1775)
  • VMM: ?xed save state restore in real mode (software virtualization only)
  • GUI: work around a Qt bug on Mac OS X (bug #2321)
  • GUI: properly install the Qt4 accessible plugin (bug #629)
  • SATA: error message when starting a VM with a VMDK connected to a SATA port (bug #2182)
  • SATA: ?xed Guru mediation when booting OpenSolaris/64; most likely applies to other guests as well (bug #2292)
  • Network: don’t crash when changing the adapter link state if no host driver is attached (bug #2333)
  • VHD: ?xed bug which prevents booting from VHD images bigger than 4GB (bug #2085)
  • VRDP: ?xed a repaint problem when the guest resolution was not equal to the client resolution
  • Clipboard: don’t crash when host service initialization takes longer than expected (Linux hosts only; bug #2001)
  • Windows hosts: VBoxSVC.exe crash (bug #2212)
  • Windows hosts: VBoxSVC.exe memory leak due to a Windows WMI memory leak (Vista only) (bug #2242)
  • Windows hosts: VBoxSVC.exe delays GUI startup
  • Linux hosts: handle jif?es counter over?ow (VM stuck after 300 seconds of host uptime; bug #2247)
  • Solaris hosts: ?xed host or guest side networking going stale while using host interface networking (bug #2474)
  • Solaris hosts: added support for using unplumbed network interfaces and Crossbow Virtual Network Interfaces (VNICs) with host interface networking
  • Solaris hosts: reworked threading model improves performance for host interface networking
  • Windows additions: ?xed crash when accessing deep directory structures in a shared folder
  • Windows additions: improved shared folder name resolving (bug #1728)
  • Windows additions: ?xed Windows 2000 shutdown crash (bug #2254)
  • Windows additions: ?xed error code for MoveFile() if the target exists (bug #2350)
  • Linux additions: ?xed seek() for ?les bigger than 2GB (bug #2379)
  • Linux additions: support Ubuntu 8.10
  • Linux additions: clipboard ?xes (bug #2015)
  • Web services: improved documentation and ?xed example (bug #1642)

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