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VirtualBox 2.2.2

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This is a maintenance release. The following items were ?xed and/or added:

  • Host and guest clipboard: ?xed a number of issues affecting hosts and guests running the X window system.
  • Guest Additions: make sure the virtual mouse autodetection works on ?rst reboot after installing the Additions on X.Org server 1.5 and later.
  • Guest Additions: properly report process identity number of running services
  • Guest Additions: clean up properly if the X Window server terminates
  • Linux Additions: ?xed installation path for OpenGL libraries in some 64-bit guests (bug #3693)
  • Solaris Additions: ?xed installation to work when X.Org is not installed on the guest
  • Solaris Additions: ?xed a bug that could panic the guest when unmounting a busy shared folder
  • Windows Additions: ?xed mouse pointer integration of some Windows guests (2.2.0 regression, bug #3734)
  • Windows Additions: ?xed installation on Windows Server 2008 Core (bug #2628)
  • Main: do not try to use older versions of D-Bus (Linux hosts only, bug #3732)
  • VMM: ?xed out-of-memory conditions on Windows hosts (bug #3657)
  • VMM: ?xed occasional hangs when attaching USB devices during VM startup (2.2.0 regression; bugs #3787)
  • VMM: ?xed guru meditation related to memory management (software virtualization only)
  • Virtual disks: ?x possible data corruption when writing to diff images, incorrect detection of redundant writes
  • GUI: reworked network settings dialog
  • GUI: properly show the detailed settings dialog of NAT networks (bug #3702)
  • GUI: HostKey could not be changed (2.2.0 regression, bug #3689)
  • GUI: ?xed memory text?eld size (Windows hosts only; bug #3679)
  • GUI: ?xed crash when selecting a shared folder path (Windows hosts only; bugs #3694, #3751, #3756)
  • VBoxManage modifyhd --compact: implemented again for VDI ?les, and now supports relative paths (bug #2180, #2833)
  • VBoxManage snapshot discard: made it work again (2.1.0 regression; bug #3714)
  • NAT: on some Windows host, the guest didn’t receive a DHCP lease (bug #3655)
  • NAT: ?xed release assertion during poll() (bug #3667)
  • Networking: fixed a deadlock caused by the PCnet network device emulation (2.2.0 regression, bug #3676)
  • Clipboard: ?xed random crahes (X11 hosts only, bug #3723)
  • Shared Folders: ?xed incorrect permissions for Solaris guests
  • Shared Folders: ?xed wrong ?le sizes with Solaris guests
  • CBindings: ?xed possible memory leak while releasing the IVirtualBox and ISession Objects
  • Solaris hosts: ?xed host-only network interface incompatibility with nwam/dhcpagent (bug #3754)
  • Windows installer: fixed several install and uninstall issues (bugs #3659, #3686, #1730, #3711, #3373, #3382, #3701, #3685, #3710)
  • Mac OS X hosts: preliminary support for Snow Leopard

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