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# The following items were fixed and/or added:

* VMM: fixed crash with the OpenSUSE 11.3 milestone kernel during early boot (software virtualization only)
* VMM: fixed invalid state during teleportation
* VMM: fixed OS/2 guest crash with nested paging enabled
* VMM: fixed massive display performance loss (AMD-V with nested paging only)
* GUI: fixed off-by-one bug when passing absolute mouse coordinates to the guest (3.1.6 regression)
* GUI: show the real version of the Guest Additions, not the interface version
* GUI: when adding a DVD or floppy slot in the VM mass storage settings dialog, don't attach a random medium but just leave the slot empty
* GUI: added --seamless and --fullscreen command line switches (bug #4220)
* GUI: fixed a SEGFAULT under rare circumstances
* 2D Video acceleration: fixed display issues when working with non 32-bit modes (bugs #6094 & #6208)
* LsiLogic: Fixed detection of hard disks attached to port 0 when using the drivers from LSI
* ATA: Fixed sporadic crash with Linux guests when having a hard disk and DVD drive on the same channel (bug #6079)
* Network: allow to start a VM even if not all network adapters are attached
* Network: promiscuous mode support for e1000 and simparavirtualized adapters (bug #6519)
* NAT: fixed ICMP latency (non-Windows hosts only; bug #6427)
* SCSI: fixed guest crashes under certain circumstances when booting from SCSI devices
* VBoxManage: fixed modifyvm --natnet default
* Solaris Hosts: fixed a kernel panic when bridged networking might fail to initialize
* Solaris Hosts: fixed priority tagged VLAN packets in bridged networking
* Shared folders: fixed issue with copying read-only files (Linux guests only; bug #4890)
* Shared folders: renamed the guest kernel module from vboxvfs to vboxsf to make it load on demand by the Linux kernel. Fixes mounting from /etc/fstab in Ubuntu 10.04
* Shared folders: fixed setuid file permissions (Solaris guests only).
* Shared folders: fixed deleting directories recursively (Solaris guests only; bug #6513)
* Guest Additions: support seamless and dynamic resizing on certain older X11 guests (bug #5840)
* Solaris Additions: fixed OpenGL library dependencies (bug #6435)
* Keyboard/Mouse emulation: fixed handling of simultaneous mouse/keyboard events under certain circumstances (bug #5375)
* Mouse emulation: never switch straight back from Explorer to IntelliMouse mode as it confuses the FreeBSD mouse driver (bug #6488)
* SDK: fixed memory leak in IDisplay::takeScreenShotSlow() (bug #6549)
* 3D support: fixed Final frame of Compiz animation not updated to the screen (Mac OS X only) (bug #4653)
* VRDP: allow to bind to localhost only on Mac OS X (bug #5227)
* Linux hosts: add host USB support for Ubuntu 10.04 and other hosts without the hal daemon or usbfs (bug #6343)
* webservice: more structs and array fixes in PHP bindings
* Windows hosts: make the bridged networking driver notify dll be correctly unregistred on uninstall (bug #5780)

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