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- VMM: guest SMP stability fixes
- VMM: fixed guru meditation with nested paging and SMP guests (bug #5222)
- VMM: changed VT-x/AMD-V usage to detect other active hypervisors; necessary for e.g. Windows 7 XP compatibility mode (Windows & Mac OS X hosts only; bug #4239)
- VMM: guru meditation during SCO OpenServer installation and reboot (VT-x only; bug #5164)
- VMM: fixed accessed bit handling in certain cases (bug #5248)
- VMM: fixed VPID flushing (VT-x only)
- VMM: fixed broken nested paging for 64 bits guests on 32 bits hosts (AMD-V only; bug #5285)
- VMM: fixed loading of old saved states/snapshots (bug #3984)
- Mac OS X hosts: fixed memory leaks (bug #5084)
- Mac OS X hosts (Snow Leopard): fixed redraw problem in a dual screen setup (bug #4942)
- Windows hosts: installer updates for Windows 7
- Solaris hosts: out of memory handled incorrectly (bug #5241)
- Solaris hosts: the previous fix for #5077 broke the DVD host support on Solaris 10 (VBox 3.0.8 regression)
- Linux hosts: fixed module compilation against Linux 2.6.32rc4 and later
- Guest Additions: fixed possible guest OS kernel memory exhaustion
- Guest Additions: fixed stability issues with SMP guests
- Windows Additions: fixed color depth issue with low resolution hosts, netbooks, etc. (bug #4935)
- Windows Additions: fixed NO_MORE_FILES error when saving to shared folders (bug #4106)
- Windows Additions: fixed subdirectory creation on shared folders (bug #4299)
- Linux Additions: sendfile() returned -EOVERFLOW when executed on a shared folder (bug #2921)
- Linux Additions: fixed incorrect disk usage value (non-Windows hosts only)
- Linux installer: register the module sources at DKMS even if the package provides proper modules for the current running kernel
- 3D support: removed invalid OpenGL assertion (bug #5158)
- Network: fixed the Am79C973 PCNet emulation for QNX (and probably other) guests (bug #3206)
- VMDK: fix handling of split image variants
- VHD: do not delay updating the footer when expanding the image to prevent image inconsistency
- USB: stability fix for some USB 2.0 devices
- GUI: added a search index to the .chm help file
- GUI/Windows hosts: fixed CapsLock handling on French keyboards (bug #2025)
- Shared clipboard/X11 hosts: fixed a crash when clipboard initialisation failed (bug #4987)

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