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Skype  Girişi değiştir

  • To start sending your screen, use the “Share” button in the IM typing area, or via the “Call” menu
  • Currently only available on a one-to-one basis - you cannot share your screen to multiple users
  • Can only be sent in one direction – it is not possible for two users to see each other’s screens simultaneously.
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Support for visually impaired users, using screen reading software such as JAWS
  • Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) support.
  • Our current offering of 3 address books has been increased to include email and contact providers such as, Gmail and AOL
  • Alerts you when one of your contacts has their birthday date stored in their user profile
  • The alert will appear at midnight (your local time)
  • If you do not use Skype that day, then the alert will not be seen
  • This feature was available in Skype 3.x version, and has returned by popular demand.
  • Drag-and-drop contacts from your contact list to the Instant Messaging area, or use the Conversation > Send > Contacts… option from the main menu
  • This feature was available in Skype 3.x version, and has returned by popular demand.
  • Highlighting of toll-free phone numbers
  • Skype Name Recognition – identifies the names of your Skype contacts if they appear on web pages and allows you to communicate with them via Skype.
  • Improvements to the vibrancy of the background colour scheme
  • Some minor changes to the area shown during a call, containing the volume controls.
  • Our installer for the Skype application and bundled optional applications now uses the standard Microsoft MSI installation methods.
  • Only those applications or add-ons that you wish to install are downloaded.
  • A change to our default password rules, making Skype user-passwords more secure.
  • Existing passwords will still work, however when creating a new account, or changing a password, the new rules will apply, including minimum length, allowed characters, inclusion of numbers and capital letters, etc.
  • This feature is available when using the Find friends / Import contacts feature – when you generate an email to people you know, they will have a contact request waiting for them when they sign into Skype for the first time.

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