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Skype  Girişi değiştir

  • change: Full text quote will be shown only after sending instant messages
  • bugfix: Informative messages appeared multiple times even when closed
  • bugfix: Disk I/O error message appeared intermittently
  • bugfix: Skype sometimes failed to install when Firefox was set as the default browser in the United States
  • bugfix: Compact view window positioning fixed
  • bugfix: Some USB dual-phones did not detect Skype correctly
  • bugfix: Some full-screen applications minimized automatically when Skype was running with the Skype visual style enabled
  • bugfix: If a user has Compact View enabled, opening a conversation from the tray alert does always open
  • bugfix: 'Ignore' option in the 'Call' menu was greyed out when receiving an incoming call
  • bugfix: Help menu was sometimes displayed incorrectly in Compact View
  • bugfix: Tools menu was not fully visible in compact view on some window sizes
  • bugfix: Echo123 was incorrectly re-added to contacts when opening Getting Started Wizard
  • bugfix: SMS failure reason messages were missing
  • bugfix: Instant messaging entry area showed vertical scroll bar after changing font size
  • bugfix: Add people to group conference call was not disabled when host was using Skype 3.8 for Windows
  • bugfix: Opening a file without file association triggered error message instead of a menu to choose application with which to open it
  • bugfix: Adding contact to a category via right click menu caused contact list display disruption
  • bugfix: Incorrect error message appeared when no entries were found within history search
  • bugfix: Contact list was not always sorted correctly
  • bugfix: Personalize button appeared blank - intermittent
  • bugfix: Unable to take a video snapshot when selecting the option from the drop down menu
  • bugfix: Call dropped when adding a participant to a conference call
  • bugfix: Setting number type was not possible when editing contact phone number
  • bugfix: More button on users video mood message did not work
  • bugfix: Call Quality feedback link "Issues with this call" was not visible - intermittent
  • bugfix: // link did not work with Firefox
  • bugfix: Skype did not start after installing on Vista when computer was running on batteries
  • bugfix: A new message notification was not generated when sending an instant message using the /me command
  • bugfix: Call were not started automatically to a contact who was added to an ongoing call
  • bugfix: Menus flickered when using Skype with Arabic or Hebrew language
  • bugfix: Double click on a contact did not focus the instant message entry box
  • bugfix: Dates were not shown in old conversations
  • bugfix: Disabling contact import feature via registry did not work
  • bugfix: Phone number type was not being saved
  • bugfix: End call sound was played when user joined group call
  • bugfix: Links to domains .rs, .me, .kp, .xn did not work
  • bugfix: Incoming contact request were not shown correctly in compact view
  • bugfix: Closing conversation from menu did not work
  • bugfix: Clicking on Skype links on web pages did not bring the Skype window to foreground
  • bugfix: Adding phone contacts to group conversations was not possible
  • bugfix: Accessibility: Tab order corrected in options
  • All localizations updated

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