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  • feature: SMS button added in profile for SkypeOut contacts
  • feature: extra Warning dialog displayed when executable file is opened
  • change: \"Send SMS\" hint should only be visible if mobile number is entered
  • change: if signed out, menu Help > ‘Check for updates’ will go to download webpage
  • change: SMS icon changed to service icon
  • change: \'advanced\' button made wider in authorization form
  • change: updated EULAs
  • change: updated language files
  • change: SMS window was missing my mood message
  • change: SMS window title should contain the telephone number or Skype name of the recipients
  • change: SMS authorization options design changed
  • change: uninformative error message when adding too many participants to SMS
  • change: AltGr + W closed SMS composition window
  • change: only focused emoticon animates in SMS windows
  • change: OK button changed to Accept in File Transfer window
  • change: button name was wrong in dialog when reseting back the original Voicemail greeting
  • bugfix: keyboard \'#\' character did not make the equivalent DTMF tones
  • bugfix: DTMF-s from dial pad did not work
  • bugfix: text missing in search window if Korean language is chosen
  • bugfix: \"send chat message\" button in Multi Chat button hidden in 16bit color mode
  • bugfix: number auto formatting incorrect when entered from history tab
  • bugfix: \'outlook contacts\' group missing when clicking View Outlook Contacts
  • bugfix: was possible to get \'List Index out of bounds\' error messages when using Shared Groups
  • bugfix: Chinese EULA was shown in installer when Czech language was used
  • bugfix: Estonian and Greek EULA missing from installer
  • bugfix: API: Accepting or declining Shared Group via API leaves invitation form open
  • bugfix: Portugal Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian languages were missing from installer
  • bugfix: Estonian, Netherlands, Greek, Portuguese Portugal EULA were missing in installer
  • bugfix: remove SkypeOut warning for free PSTN calls
  • bugfix: calling users when you ae in offline mode now disabled
  • bugfix: when pressing Add Contact - \'Add\' form is pre-filled with the user name in focus
  • bugfix: was not possible tp enter @ sign via Alt-Gr in to Payments in Client field
  • bugfix: Skype crashed on incoming PSTN call when number was not shown
  • bugfix: gray text in address bar changes when tab is changed from contacts tab to history tab
  • bugfix: icon on call tab looked bad on Windows 98 and Millennium Edition
  • bugfix: icons on File Transfer window looked bad on Windows 98 and Millennium Edition
  • bugfix: \"Delete This Entry\" was missing trash bin graphics
  • bugfix: unknown numbers missed \"Delete This Entry\" context item
  • bugfix: cost and balance in JPY shown wrong in SMS windows
  • bugfix: log area popup menu is back in SMS windows
  • bugfix: \'remove from this group\' option should be grayed out
  • bugfix: \"this person has left the group\" appeared on top of numbers
  • bugfix: there was no confirmation dialog when renaming a Shared Group
  • bugfix: Call Tab closed when calling a not existing Skype name

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