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  • known issue: error message appeared if host leaves a cast where he is the only participant
  • known issue : after re-joining a cast that was on hold before leaving the participant list is incorrect
  • known issue : Skype crashes when trying to start a conference call and choosing a cast number as one of the participants
  • feature: Cast controls in client
  • feature: Possible to turn off visible UI via API
  • feature: bandwidth indicator
  • bugfix: FT: File size was half hidden with large DPI settings
  • bugfix: SMS window shows remaining currency wrong in JPY
  • bugfix: receiver didn\'t see resumed Ft after restart
  • bugfix: API: MUTE commands did not work
  • bugfix: API: In conference call DTMF tones were played twice
  • bugfix: API: CAPTURE_MIC did not pause recording while microphone was muted
  • bugfix: API: Sometimes audio streams output\'s bandwidth decreased
  • bugfix: Installer: Toolbar installation settings were not remembered
  • bugfix: Installer: IE add-on was not installed on Win2000 SP4 with IE 5.5
  • bugfix: Installer: EULA checkbox was not selectable by clicking on text near checkbox
  • bugfix: \'Confirm\' and \'Inform\' checkbox statuses were remembered also when clicking \'Cancel\'

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