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  • bugfix: \'Add SkypeOut Contact\' opens wrong dialogue
  • bugfix: API: FOCUSED notifications missing
  • bugfix: Hotkeys did not work correctly
  • bugfix: Upgrade from client crashed on some rare cases
  • bugfix: Skypecasts host is always shown as connected
  • bugfix: Skypecasts incorrect number of participants showed
  • bugfix: Skypecasts buttons are out of align for host
  • bugfix: Rare error when joining conf call and 1:1 call simultaneously
  • bugfix: Closing chat with non-authorized contact results an error message
  • bugfix: Cancelling file transfer causes crash
  • bugfix: File Transfer notification not formatted correctly
  • bugfix: Sound Setting Widget: Mic indicator shouldn\'t move, if microphone is muted
  • bugfix: Sound Setting Widget layout design is messed up due to resize under Vista
  • bugfix: Update Extras Manager menus to remove 2nd line of text
  • bugfix: Issue in Finnish and Hungarian language files caused an error message when adding a friend

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