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Skype  Girişi değiştir

  • bugfix: crashes when DEP is supported in hardware
  • bugfix: AUTH: auth request with large fonts
  • bugfix: mix of RTL and LTR text in chat messes up text ordering
  • bugfix: Hebrew lang update
  • bugfix: Updated chinese simplified lang file
  • bugfix: Greek EULA update
  • bugfix: video is not stopped fully when call is joined to conference
  • bugfix: CTRL-A doesn’t select all in MM edit
  • change: Legal notice for Packard Bell
  • change: Profile window should be non-modal
  • bugfix: crash when terminating forwarded call
  • bugfix: crash after quick remote hold,resume,hangup sequence
  • bugfix: mutex deadlock with too active API client
  • bugfix: PublicAPI: treat most groups as hidden by default some connectivity improvements

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