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New Features:

  • Core | Feature manager
  • Core | Added mechanism to add virtual devices
  • Core | On-demand media analysis
  • Core | Added a few hooks to ease third party use of code
  • Core | Added means to hook into content launch operations
  • Core | Allow devices to be specified as 'no xcode required'
  • Core | Added option to prevent IP filters being cleared on reload
  • Core | Re-attempt torrent download via magnet if possible
  • Plug | Added mechanism for a cache-plugin to reserve pieces for their cache-peer
  • Plug | Added mechanism for plugins to specify executable properties of installed files
  • Plug | Added method for testing if move-on-complete actions are active
  • UI | Toolbar support for selecting files in file-view
  • UI | Feature Manager UI
  • UI | Better Drag&Drop indication on sidebar
  • UI | Better pop-out/pop-up supression from Search Results pages


  • Core | Added ability to add xcodes in stopped state
  • Core | When there's only one transcode profile available, don't allow user to make a (non-existant) choice
  • Core | Added country-code to version server response
  • Core | Don't push direct file reads through the file cache
  • Plug | Allow plugins to force their columns to be visible
  • Core | Allow the removal of transcode jobs to be vetoed
  • Core | Take USB detection off init thread in case it hangs
  • Core | Added download property to allow force and direct deletion to be specified
  • Core | Enforce update action ordering
  • Plug | Added swt info to update check to allow different plugin versions for different swt
  • UI | Limit max torrent file size to prevent bad behaviour when large files dropped onto UI
  • UI | Truncation percentages shown for xcode to avoid useless ".0"
  • UI | Restructure Sidebar/Tab system into a common MDI structure
  • UI | Some dialogs now switch Ok/Cancel to Cancel/Ok on OSX

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | Fix 'no space' display for offline downloaders
  • Core | Fixed opening torrent from Finder bug under OSX 10.4
  • Core | Magnet download of large torrent files speed up
  • Core | Resource downloader was firing complete events twice sometimes
  • Core | File channel support for 2GB+ files
  • Core | Update pending files in xcode view when files deletes
  • Core | Fix relayout bug in status bar
  • Core | Fix various places where linked files were being ignored
  • Core | Fix rare case where Donation window was popping up too often
  • Plug | Ensure that reloaded plugin's message resources are loaded
  • Plug | Ensure installation failures are reported
  • UI | Extend cell refresh logic to include those with refresh listeners
  • UI | Fix rare case where table sort order is incorrect after raid data updates
  • UI | Patch case where Vuze prevents Windows 7 from shutting down
  • UI | Fix buttons having ugly BG on Win7
  • UI | Fix some columns not showing up in "All Torrents" views
  • UI | Fix clipboard menu not working for some columns (Torrent Name Column)

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