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# New Features:

* Core | Added support for UPnP based offline-downloader services
* Core | Obfuscated lookups for the DHT to prevent leakage of key values during lookup stage
* Core | Support copying of .mp3 and .wma files to PSP
* Core | Implementation of a piece-reordering file manager
* Core | DHT replication controls
* Core | Initial pairing support
* Core | Parse seed/leecher values from subscription text if found
* Core | Added bloom-filter persistence
* Core | Support ".utf-8" suffix for keys in .torrent files
* Plug | Added download-flags to Download object
* Plug | Plugin access to subscriptions
* Plug | Added verified plugins
* UIvz | Added "Reset Columns" ability to some views (in Column Setup)
* UIvz | Client now opens to last used static view, or Library by default
* UI | Support for switching between carbon and cocoa on OSX
* UI | Generic filter support for our tables
* UI | Support for showing real SI values rather than just changing units displayed
* UI | Advanced menu option for editing http seeds

# Changes:

* Core | Remove replicate-on-join from DHT as causing excessive key storage
* Core | Roll up subscription warnings when not expanded
* Core | Improved IPv6-handshaking and reconnects with other clients (see for supported systems)
* Core | Switch back to k-select on OSX
* Core | Reduce CPU used for node-id calculation via MRU cache
* Core | Remove LAN transfer totals from data reported to tracker
* Core | Implemented port restriction for DHT node id generation
* Core | Reduce memory/CPU by disabling the largely unused Vivaldi V2 impl
* Core | Reduce DHT load by removing network-position derived tracking targets
* Core | Back off the initial DHT seeding
* Core | Use async keep-alive test to reduce thread creation on magnet download
* Core | Change defaults for I2P and Tor networks to fase
* Core | Support http seeds that don't support partial content
* Core | Added option to disable TiVo support completely
* Core | Support RSS feeds with incorrect 'summary' instead of 'description' entries
* Core | Support trackers that returned gzipped torrents even when not asked to
* Core | Migrate away from system-managed private keys
* Core | Support meta-search incremental result injection
* Core | Use cached scrape values on startup for DHT torrents to reduce thrashing
* Core | Switch version check to use HTTP by default
* Core | Resource resources by grabbing piecemap once during piece pick operation
* Core | Reduce cost of handling DHT store operations
* Core | Remove 'force write' option from random access file access
* Core | Move a few things to use the less costly stepped-monotime method
* Core | Re-use http connections when messaging the platform
* Core | Don't write diagnostic files to disk by default
* Core | Reduce small scratch file creation on startup
* Core | Don't write tables.config every start
* Core | If we don't have hosted content, don't write the config file
* Core | Potentially less Tracker Announces for those trackers not supplying "min interval"
* Plug | Reduce frequency of UPnP device specification download attempts
* UIvz | Removed Login and Friends, Content Networks menu
* UI | Order files in file view by torrent index if piece numbers same
* UI | Pulled out the RSS feed generation for devices and put into common location
* UI | Allows addition of http seeds to decentralised torrents
* UI | Make regex matching mode more obvious
* UI | Better "Associated Application" icon logic
* UI | (OSX) Switch to SWT for Cocoa Framework

# Corrected bugs:

* Core | Don't reset manually selected Vuze meta search templates on load
* Core | Removed 'watched' tag from torrents on import
* Core | index-out-of-bounds fix when global peer limit reached
* Core | Fix incorrect sync of scrape hashes
* Core | Prevent unwanted selection of in-error subscriptions
* Plug | Force UPnP operations not to use socks/http proxy when defined
* UI | Fixed case where Open Torrents Window might erase existing files
* UI | Fixed context menus sometimes hanging client on Windows 7
* UI | Fix missing icons for pause/resume in all-transfers bar
* UI | Fix invalid thread access in parameter change logic
* UI | Fix progress-dialog feedback for magnet downloads
* UI | Fix cases on OSX where a modal dialog box ended up under main window

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