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New Features:

  • UI | Console UI now has update check, alerting and DHT stats
  • UI | SWT make torrent wizard remembers value for add other hashes
  • UI | Console UI logging config
  • Plug | Added progress indicator and torrent stats to tracker web templates
  • Plug | Availability column added to webui + some alignment changes
  • Plug | XML/http interface access to individual torrent file stats added


  • Core | CPU usage reductions when connected to many idle peers
  • Core | Disable console view logging by default
  • Core | Memory usage reductions and optimizations
  • Core | Improved long-term connection-attempt management
  • Core | DHT bootstrap in absence of version-check server improved
  • Core | DHT IP filter reports reduced
  • Core | Disk manager read/write threads now started on demand
  • UI | Default for add other hashes in make torrent wizard and sharing config changed to false
  • UI | Retention of log history removed as taking up to 1MB mem
  • UI | Added missing spaces back into SWT dock item's tooltip
  • UI | Restore version number on status bar and add protocol rate to the stats view
  • Plug | JPC plugin refactoring to help reduce cache server load

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | Fix compatibility with JRE 1.4 series under Win32 due to NIO bug
  • Core | Ignore peers with these data ports config option didn't work the DHT and PEX obtained peers
  • Core | DHT IP derivation from contacts fixed

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