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New Features:

  • Core | Auto-speed: added control for forced-max network speed
  • Core | Option to clear stored tracker list used for creating torrents
  • UI | Option to add full UPnP debug information to the log view
  • Core | Alerts can now be shown in individual message popup boxes
  • Core | Alerts can now be suppressed and shown on demand
  • Core | Per-peer upload/download speed limits
  • Core | Per-category upload/download speed limits
  • Core | Per-torrent super-seeding via MyTorrents context menu
  • UI | Option to auto-download and install updates
  • UI | Overall piece map for Piece View
  • UI | New Peer ID columns in the Peers View
  • Plug | Plugins can now add their own status indicators on the status bar
  • Plug | Plugins can now add menu items to the system tray, download bars, menu bar
  • Plug | Plugins can now remove menu items that are created (allows for dynamic menus)
  • Plug | Added extra methods on DownloadManager making it easier to listen to download events


  • Core | Include msvcr71.dll in Windows installation bundles, for compatibility with Java6
  • Plug | Added full set of config parameter methods for completeness

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | 100% CPU problem in network code under some conditions
  • UI | Fixed issue where excessive file checks were being done when generating the torrent context menu
  • Plug | UPnP plugin now correctly attempts to remove existing mappings if they are in the way of new mappings
  • Core | Fix Re-adding a torrent causing 1- or -1 directories or files
  • Core | Fixed bug where files were sometimes moved into a subdirectory, where the directory name was only one character long
  • Plug | Fixed bug where some plugin menu items didn't appear under certain conditions

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