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New Features:

  • Show last time IPFilter list was updated in status area
  • Support for compact tracker announce protocol
  • Support for key tracker announce protocol
  • Download Speed column in My Torrents turns red if below speed set in Queue config.
  • Webplugin swing ui has status area with total ul/dl
  • XML over HTTP remote plugin interface (initially to support GTS) - mail parg at for details


  • All config/pref files utilize .bak backup files
  • Option to limit outstanding disk writes and piece hash checks
  • Can delete shares in QUEUED state

Corrected bugs:

  • Fix of startup issues under Win95/98/Me
  • Locale-specific dir creation
  • Hebrew language works now
  • Fixed long load times under Linux of Configuration view and General tab
  • Popup windows now center in main monitor on multi-monitor setups
  • Fix for Pieces and Files views off-by-one row drawing glitch under linux
  • Sort on Health and Availability now enabled
  • Various memory leaks (DiskManager instances not being freed)

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