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Abiword 2.7.2 Beta

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Abiword 2.7.2 Beta  Girişi değiştir


* Bug 12102: AbiWord crashes after print previewing (Martin Sevior)
* Add support for uppercase, lowercase, and capitalized character styles [text transforms] (Dominic Lachowicz)



* Bug 7453: Provide a keyboard shortcut for inserting bullets [Ctrl + Shift + L] (sum1)
* Bug 12089: AbiWord aborts when using the font dialog (sum1)
* Make sure selection handles are drawn in the correct color (Marc Maurer)


* Bug 8636: Add superscript and subscript options to the font dialog (Urmas, Marc Maurer)
* Bug 12084: New windows cause memory corruption (Hubert Figuiere)
* Bug 12093: AbiWord displays corrupted font lists (Hubert Figuiere)
* Add a default file name when printing to file (Martin Sevior)
* Fix a g_signal_handler warning on exit (Hubert Figuiere)
* Fix the loading of the options dialog (Hubert Figuiere)


* Bug 6498: Hebrew menu text does not display the last character (Dominic Lachowicz)
* Bug 9961: Find dialog does not work with Russian text (Urmas)
* Bug 11346: Toolbar icons are corrupted at less than 32-bit color (Marc Maurer)
* Bug 12086: Window title has extraneous character appended (Dominic Lachowicz, Urmas)
* Disable the "Change Language when changing keyboard" setting by default (Marc Maurer)
* Fix print preview crashes (Marc Maurer)



* Bug 11921: Import overline formatting (sum1)
* Import and export text transforms (sum1)


* Export text transforms (Dominic Lachowicz)
* Import text transforms (sum1)
* Import margin-top and margin-bottom properties from inline paragraph styles (Urmas)


* Import and export text transforms (sum1)


* Install to Program Files\AbiWord instead of Program Files\AbiSuite2 by default (Marc Maurer)
* Use one Windows installer instead of three separate ones (Marc Maurer)


* Update the Russian (ru-RU) translation (Urmas)



* Add a button to the account dialog for registering accounts (Marc Maurer)
* Allow long email addresses and passwords to be entered in the new account dialog on Windows (Marc Maurer)


* Update the dictionary-loading code to work with newer versions of link-grammar (Marc Maurer)



* Add --enable-clipart and --enable-templates build options (Robert Staudinger)
* Fix a number of compiler warnings (Hubert Figuiere)
* Fix format string errors throughout the code base (Hubert Figuiere)
* Maintain and release 2.7.2 (Marc Maurer)
* Move templates and clipart to abiword/ to get rid of abiword-extras/ (Marc Maurer)
* Remove the non-functional nroff plug-in (Marc Maurer)
* Use g_convert() instead of custom code (Dominic Lachowicz)


* Add the Applix, BabelFish, ClarisWorks, Collaboration, DocBook, Email, FreeTranslation, Google, Grammar, HRText, ISCII, LaTeX, Office OpenXML, OpenDocument, OPML, StarOffice, T602, URLDict, Wikipedia, Windows Graphics, WML, WordPerfect, and XSL-FO plug-ins to the VC++ build (Marc Maurer)
* Enable printing and spelling support with VC++ (Marc Maurer)
* Fix a bunch of warnings in the VC++ build (Marc Maurer)
* Fix a compiler error when cross-building (Dominic Lachowicz)
* Improve the VC++ build system to handle official Windows releases (Marc Maurer, Marc Oude Kotte)
* Make numerous changes to the collaboration plug-in to get it to build with VC++ (Marc Maurer)
* Modify the NSIS install script to handle packaging from VC++ (Marc Maurer)
* Remove template exports to quiet VC++ (Marc Maurer)
* Use pre-built peer libraries for the VC++ build (Fridrich Strba, Marc Maurer)
* Include the MSVC2008 runtime in the installer (Marc Maurer)

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