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Abiword 2.4.4

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Abiword 2.4.4  Girişi değiştir

Jean Brefort
  • Build fix: add a test for xpdf headers, as poppler 0.5.0 does not install them by default
  • Fix several potential crashes in the GNOME Office charting plugin
  • Update both the width and the height when an image does not fit into the page (bug 9864)
  • Bugfixes: 9868
Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho (INdT)
  • Small fix in the OpenDocument meta.xml parser
  • Small, but important fix on parsing hyperlinks in OpenDocument files
  • Fix text that is not in italics, is imported in italics by the OpenDocument importer (bug 9935)
  • Fix the bug where the OpenDocument plugin could not import files it exported itself (bug 9846)
  • Do not crash when trying to import a password protected OpenDocument file (bug 9869)
  • Fix several memory leaks in the OpenDocument importer (bug 9918)
  • Make the OpenDocument importer load images not only from the Pictures subdirectory but for any given subdirectory
  • Fix a crash when exporting equations to OpenDocument (bug 9964)
  • Fix a  Table of Contents-related crash on import of an OpenDocument file (bug 10003)
  • Bugfixes: 9930, 9950, 9999
Hubert Figuiere
  • Fix various memory leaks
  • Fix a memory problem in some case with UTF8String::append() (this was triggered by the OpenDocument importer)
  • UT_Vector::clear() does not free the buffer (performance improvement)
  • Fix a couple of potential crashes in the layout engine
Tomas Frydrych
  • Add a Perl version of the cdump tool for embedded targets
  • Added a generic --enable-embedded build option
  • Fix lingature handling in RTL text (bug 8239 and duplicates)
  • Fix a random crash while editing a document (bug 10151)
  • Fix broken RTL dominance in the Format Paragraph dialog (bug 7083)
  • Bugfixes: 9751, 9545
Mark Gilbert
  • Fix a crash in the HTML exporter when exporting malformed table (bug 9867)
  • Do not generate invalid XHTML when exporting section breaks inside of a list (bug 9870)
Dom Lachowicz
  • HTML Table of Contents export improvements (indent TOC output and label the level numbers)
  • Clean up some some unused code in the image importer (Unix)
  • Return the proper exit code when doing command line conversions
  • Fix a crashes when opening an MS Word file (bug 10122)
  • Fix a bug where AbiGrammar/link-grammar only looks in the ./en path for dictionaries (bug 9366)
  • Fix an RTF export error; \widowctl should spell \widowctrl (bug 9825)
  • Make the grammar plugin work with recent versions of link-grammar
  • Support quoting mailmerge field bodies (bug 8191)
  • Bugfixes: 10120
Jordi Mas
  • As part of bug fix 9638 the Win32 comboboxes were left gray (readonly) on Windows
  • Fix the width and height output in the Page Setup dialog (Windows)
  • Fix the locale setting in the Date and Time dialog (Windows)
  • Make grammar check text localisable (Windows)
  • Fix displaying of hight resolution images (Windows)
  • Several small UI enhanments (Windows)
  • Table of Contents dialog fails to open after it's closed with another window (Windows, bug 9994)
  • Format table dialog fails to open after it's closed with another window (Windows, bug 9995)
  • Text box dialog fails to open after it's closed with another window (Windows, bug 9996)
  • Hide the horizontal scrollbar when it is not needed (Windows, bug 5170)
  • Fix dirty resizing of images (Windows, 6351)
Marc Maurer
  • Build fix for the OpenWriter and OpenDocument plugins
  • Report an error instead of OK when converting a nonexistent src file to an existing dest file in the AbiCommand plugin
  • Properly indent DocBook XML
  • Don't truncate the error log for every error message, format the help overview nicely, remove some unused code, and check the return value of fopen() in the AbiCommand plugin
  • Add GNOME and GTK categories to the abiword.desktop file (Unix)
  • Bump version to 2.4.3
  • Remove the hebrew shaping and Smart Quotes options, as they never worked in the first place
  • Remove the beginnings of the collaboration plugin, as it belongs in the AbiWord 2.6 series
Martin Sevior
  • Fix another infinite loop in the layout engine caused by subtracting 1 from an unsigned integer with value 0
  • Change 'I agree' to 'Next' (re: GPL) in the dictionary installers. (Windows)
  • Change 'I agree' buttons in plugin installers to match main installer (Windows, bug 8684)
  • Link fix for the OpenDocument plug-in (Windows)
  • Update the copyright notice to 2006 in the About dialog
  • Prevent the hang detailed in bug 9891
  • Fix the WML exporter to export valid WML 1.1; also fix a number of issues with tables and incorrectly nested elements
  • Prevent a crash that occurs when you attempt to change a document's title while other windows are queued to open (e.g. pressing ctrl + n numerous times)
  • Fix a crash when trying to edit footnote in Word document (bug 9588)
  • Fix section numbering in problems FAQ (documentation)
  • Handle broken tables when exporting to WML
  • Don't crash on .sxw files that contain images without an xlink:href attribute
  • Prevent future write errors in the text exporter (i.e. when a new PTO_* is added)
  • Prevent current (and future) write errors and fix a debug statement in the DocBook exporter
  • Prevent current and future write errors when exporting to KWord
  • Fix typos (editting -> editing) and "SVG Images" -> "SVG Images (.svg)" for uniformity in the insert picture dialog
  • Makefiles and a MinGW build fix for the Hancom importer
  • Bugfixes: 9805, 9588
Robert Wilhelm
  • Avoid some unit conversions in the table layout code
  • Funda Wang: Updated zh_CN translation (bug 9607)
  • Youssef Chahibi: Updated Arabic translation
  • M. Baldinelli: Updated Italian translation
  • Camille Moulin: Updated French translation
  • Jordi Mas: Updated Catalan translation
  • Shmyrev: Updated Russian translation
  • Yasen Pramatarov: Updated Bulgarian translation

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