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Abiword 2.5.0

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Abiword 2.5.0  Girişi değiştir

  • A new Pango based renderer for Unix platforms, improving support for
  • languages such as Thai and Arabic
  • Cross platform libgsf integration, allowing the user to open files
  • on remote shares (the last part holds for the Unix platform for now)
  • Cross platform Glib integration, meaning less custom AbiWord
  • specific code to maintain
  • Support for the Bonobo component framework has been deprecated (Unix
  • platforms)
  • Improved the build system to be more standards conformant (for
  • example, "make dist" and "make distcheck" now work)
  • Experimental AbiWord GTK+ widget, with accompanying Python bindings
  • Various toolbar improvements, most notably the improvements to make
  • them work better on small screens (Unix platform)
  • A massive amount of work on all of our popular import and export
  • filters
  • A new experimental collaboration plugin (only available on Unix for
  • now)
  • A new GNOME Office integration plugin, replacing the old GNOME
  • Office Charting plugin (Unix platforms)
  • Improved command line handling, allowing input from standard input,
  • and output to be directed to standard output (examples here).
  • Improved printing from the command line, deprecating our old custom
  • postscript driver
  • Lots of updates to our translations
  • Various Drag & Drop and Clipboard handling improvements
  • Improved modularisations for resource constrained devices, such as
  • optional printing and spelling support
  • Improved support for running AbiWord in non-UI mode (sometimes also
  • referred to as "server" mode, as offered by the AbiCommand plugin);
  • most notably the requirement for a (fake) X server has been removed.

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