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Abiword 2.2.8

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Abiword 2.2.8  Girişi değiştir

Stanislav Brabec
  • Fix a GCC warning in abicapi_frame.cpp (bug 8850)
Jeremy Davis
  • Add Breton to list of possible languages for use during installation (Windows Installer)
Kevin Duffus
  • Wrap text in in the Spell Check dialog (Unix)
Vijay Durairaj
  • Bugfixes: 8768
Hubert Figuiere
  • Break the text run into words so that justification works (MacOSX, bug 8384)
  • Fix bad setlocale() behavior
  • Speedup the render engine by removing several debug messages (MacOSX)
  • Bugfixes: 8895 (to some extent), 8971
Tomas Frydrych
  • Avoid dereferencing NULL during layout
  • Handle an Out of Memory error gracefully (Windows)
  • Fix a potential out bounds write in the RTF importer
  • Fix incorrect string termination for multibyte encodings
  • Do not pass NULL to CreateDC() on WinNT
  • Add documentation HowTo's for the History and Revisions features
  • HOWTOs for the History and Revisions features
  • Do not show the revisions warning if there are no revisions in the document (part of bug 8935)
  • Fix several bugs in ::fillRect(), and speed it up (Windows)
  • Fix a crash when dragging an image with document history enabled (bug 8889)
  • Fix a crash when drag-and-drop editing new RTF files (bug 8952)
  • Bugfixes: 8230, 8289, 8910, 8270 (partially), 8234 (partially), 8234 (partially), 8378, 8393 (with modifications from Hubert Figuiere and Sum1)
Mark Gilbert
  • Fix conditional branch on uninitialized value (Unix)
Roland Kay
  • Chinese RTF document is corrupted on import (bug 8696)
  • Fix annoying XIM behaviour (Unix)
  • Hanging indent cannot be set correctly in paragraph style dialog (bug 6028)
  • Fix a hang in the File Open dialog (Unix)
Felix Kooman
  • Bugfixes: 8907 (modified by Dom Lachowicz)
Mashrab Kuvatov
  • Bugfixes: 8783
Dom Lachowicz
  • Give localetransactors names
  • Fix crashes on importing several ODT documents
  • Several cleanups in the OpenOffice exporter
  • Fix OpenWriter plugin fails to open files it exports (bug 9053)
  • Fix the inability to unset metadata in the Properties dialog (Unix, bug 9081)
  • Import TOCs from ODT/SXW documents
  • Better handle 'display names' versus actual style names during ODT/SXW import
  • Bugfixes: 8786, 8812, 8532, 9080
Marc Maurer
  • Remove several debugging messages from the WordPerfect importer
  • Bump the version to 2.2.8 and create a ChangeLog
  • Select "Create Uninstallers" by default in the Windows Installer
  • Bugfixes: 8074, 8690 (patch from Tomas <Unknown Last Name>)
Martin Sevior
  • Fix can't resize table columns at certain zooms (bug 8744)
  • Fix pixeldirt when editing long word (bug 8899)
  • Fix a crash when playing with folding lists (bug 8472)
  • Make Text folding actually work
  • Fix crash after pasting a table into a textbox (bug 9075)
  • Restore "Insert rows below" menu option
Robert Staudinger
  • Fix GTK file chooser defaults to parent directory of previously opened file's directory (Unix, bug 8327)
  • Autopackage installer support (Unix)
  • Basic support for import of ODT files ( 2)
  • Export line breaks (shift + enter) to .sxw (part of bug 6652)
  • Fix crash when exporting an image to LaTeX (bug 8613)
  • Fix linefeed issues with MSVC project files
  • Fix build for MSVC6
  • Skip over more complex elements in the WML exporter instead of bailing out and presenting a write error
  • Skip over more complex elements in the Docbook exporter instead of bailing out and presenting a write error (part of bug 7600)
  • Skip over some document elements instead of presenting a write error in the HTText and XSL-FO exporters
  • Export images to WML correctly (change <img...> into <img.../>)
  • Handle column breaks in the DocBook exporter, instead of producing invalid documents
  • Fix the WML exporter to properly export breaks (bug 9024)
  • Fix the XSL-FO exporter to remove an unnecessary '/' when exporting images (bug 9019)
  • Use Letter measurements instead of A4 measurements in the Canadian template
  • Add Kurdish to the dictionary list (part of bug 8840)
  • Don't truncate localized template names in template list box (Windows, part of bug 8125)
  • Fix debug messages in the RTF importer that caused crashes in debug builds
  • Bugfixes: 8785, 8969
Robert Wilhelm
  • Fix a crash when choosing edit hyperlink after table insertion (bug 8911)
  • Fix a crash when selecting Tools->gdict (bug 8948)
  • Erdal Ronahi: Updated Kurdish translation

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