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Abiword 2.4.6

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Abiword 2.4.6  Girişi değiştir

Jean Brefort
  • Fix a typo in the GNOME Office Chart plugin
  • Avoid crashes when objects have 0 height (related to bug 10482)
  • GR_UnixGraphics::genImageFromRectangle: return NULL if x, y, w or h is invalid (related to bug 10482)
  • Better chart resizing
  • Add +1 to embedded run width and heights when redrawing after unselect, to ensuree the whole selection rectangle is removed
  • Don't display "GNOME Office Chart" in the open dialog at all (Unix, bug 10380)
  • Don't use more %s's in a translated string than in the original string; prevents crashes on error messages
  • Bugfixes: 10473
Malte Cornils
  • Umlauts are not converted correctly by the LaTeX exporter on non-latin1 documents (bug 10558)
  • Italics with \textit{} as generated by the LaTeX exporter are ugly (bug 10560)
  • Make the LaTeX exporter better mask quotes (bug 10559)
Hubert Figuiere
  • Bugfixes: 10423
Tomas Frydrych
  • Various fixes and updates to support the Maemo 2 environment
  • Fix centered alignment causes tabs to collapse (bug 10491)
  • Fix Ctrl + backspace only deletes one word in revisions mode (bug 10176)
  • Fix invalid memory reads when resizing text box in revisions mode (bug 10374)
  • Bugfixes: 10486
Dom Lachowicz
  • Hint that the clipboard manager should store the clipboard data, should we exit or something; conditional on gtk 2.6 or newer (Unix, bug 9069)
  • Move libgsf initialization to the WordPerfect plugin's register() function; should fix bugs like 7057
  • Fix IDEF vulnerabilities IDEF1613 and IDEF1614 in the MS Word import library wvWare
  • Fix a crash after inserting an empty mail merge field (bug 10475)
  • On modern gcc, special characters are no longer converted in the LaTeX exporter (bug 10557, initial patch proposal from Malte Cornils)
  • Get rid of a duplicate case value in the LaTeX exporter
  • When exporting to HTML, TOCs look like Wikipedia TOCs now, inside of their own container. They and their links also W3C validate (bug 10562, 10563 and 10565)
  • Use the locale transactor in the OpenDocument importer and exporter, so that we get '9.5' instead of '9,5' in some locales (also fix this in the WordPerfect, KWord, MS Write OpenWriter and LaTeX plugins)
  • The clipboard manager abuses GTK+'s 'persist on exist' api, causing unecessary strain on other applications like Gnumeric (Unix, bug 10535)
  • When people choose 'Export as Text', they will always get UTF-8 encoded text now, and not text in their locale or text in the MS Word document's locale. This is the only solution that avoids dataloss, and people can choose 'Encoded Text' if they really mean something else.
Patrick Lam
  • Fix a crash on exiting AbiWord (Unix)
Martin Sevior
  • Fix inability to delete an empty table row with no selection (bug 10057)
Robert Staudinger
  • Fix uninitialised variables in the LaTeX exporter that leading to missing breaks
  • Fix a conditional jump in the Open/Save dialog (Unix)
  • Fix a conditional jump in the LaTeX exporter
  • Fix a mismatched delete() in the HRText exporter
  • Initialize a value in the left ruler code
  • Prevent a gtk_toggle_button_get_active assertion failure when selecting Tools > Revisions > Mark revisions while typing (Unix)
  • Initialize two values used when selecting Documents > New Window
  • NULL pointer check to prevent a crash in the OpenDocument importer
  • Fix an uninitialized value used while scrolling through 7268-Vexi.abw (a test suite file)
  • Fix a memory leak in the LaTeX exporter
  • Menu key doesn't pop-up the context menu (Unix, bug 9927)
  • Don't make the OpenDocument importer crash on ucf-framePadding.odt or ucf-frameIndividualPadding.odt (test suite files)
  • Remove ODT suffix detection from the OpenWriter plug-in; the underlying support still remains (bug 10192)
  • Fix some memory leaks in the OpenDocument exporter
  • Initialize a value in the DocBook exporter
  • Fix a crash when scrolling past malformed tables
  • Fix a crash when printing to PDF from AbiCommand (bug 10022, unix)
  • Fix a crash when importing equations from OpenDocument files
  • Add support for exporting MathML to OpenDocument
  • Massive updates to the WML importer and exporter. Exporter: Save headers, footers, and text boxes as new <card>'s, and include navigational links for moving between said cards (seems to work well in Opera 9); add support for metadata, equations, charts, and positioned images; a few bug fixes, including the escaping of bookmark values and the exporting of field text instead of field type. Importer: Improve table handling, including tables with imbalanced columns (i.e. ones that used colspan); add support for bookmarks, hyperlinks, and metadata; a number of small memory leak fixes.
  • Don't crash when the LaTeX dialog is used after the AbiMathView plug-in has been deactivated
  • Fix unescaped style names in HTML exporter (bug 10328)
  • Fix a crash when reactivating the MathView plug-in (bug 9421)
  • Prevent dataloss in the Passepartout exporter (e.g. all content after an equation or a chart)
  • Allow the T602 plug-in to be statically linked
  • Fix a crash that occurred when running 'convert' or 'converttotext' without any arguments in AbiCommand
  • Fix a crash when using 'printfile' in AbiCommand (note: this command doesn't seem to work at all) and another crash that occurred when using 'delete' without any arguments while having a file loaded.
  • Fix misspellings in AbiCommand's help
  • Overhaul the DocBook importer to better support files created outside of AbiWord; there's still plenty of room for improvement (bug 1812, 9430, 10354, and Debian bug 164683)
  • Initialize a value to prevent crashes in free() when encountering <phrase> elements in DocBook files
  • Handle nested tables better in the DocBook exporter
  • Don't append an extra span of text when importing <email> elements in DocBook files
  • Escape the 'language' metadata value in the OpenWriter exporter
  • Escape TOC headings in the OpenDocument exporter (part of bug 10325)
  • Escape style names in the OpenDocument exporter
  • Escape bookmark names in the HTML exporter (part of bug 10430)
  • Fix a crash when exporting files with two styles based off one another to HTML (bug 10419)
  • Prevent a crash that can occur when visually dragging charts near headers/footers
  • Fix the selection rectangle for chart snapshots which were drawn at the wrong height (Unix, bug 9759)
  • Add some pointer checks to fix a crash when importing a RTF file (bug 9874)
  • Fix a misspelling in the AbiPaint plug-in
  • Update the XSL-FO plug-in. Exporter: Added support for bookmarks, charts, equations, fields, footnotes, and positioned images; improved support for tables, lists, and images. Fixes bug 10136 and bug 4355. Importer: Added support for hyperlinks and tables; the importer will now also import all files exported by AbiWord, and tables and blocks nested inside of blocks. Fixes bug 2387 and bug 3305.
  • Export custom TOC headings and respect visibility setting (bug 10298)
  • Minor fix for export of TOC headings to HTML
  • Escape TOC heading values to prevent invalid XHTML/HTML when headings contain quotes, ampersands, etc.
  • Don't crash when using the Format Painter from within AbiCommand
  • Export the author document property to DocBook
  • Fix a crash that occurred if you ran the 'visualedit' command in AbiCommand before loading a document
  • Escape a few more style names in the OpenDocument exporter
  • Escape style names in the OpenWriter exporter
  • Prevent a crash that could occur when moving the mouse cursor near an unrendered table during import
  • Fix a crash when using find and replace with the 'whole word' setting selected (bug 9772)
  • Fix a memory leak in the HTML exporter
  • Don't attempt to clear() an empty string in the DocBook exporter
  • Don't open or close <card>s inside of tables in the WML exporter (e.g. if there's a <frame> inside of a <cell>). Also, handle cases where document data is between a </cell> and a </table>, which can happen with some imported Word files.
  • Fix memory leaks in the Plug-in, Format Table, Text Box, Stylist and Date/Time dialogs (Unix)
  • Try to export valid DocBook XML even when the internal AWML is invalid (i.e. a </section> inside of a table)
  • Fix a DocBook import bug that caused files with a <literallayout> inside of a table to fail on load
  • Fix a DocBook import bug that caused files with a number of text boxes to fail on load
  • Import images from WML files
  • Use UT_UTF8String instead of UT_String throughout the DocBook importer; fix a small bug triggered by files that contain images without a depth attribute (the image's 'props' string would begin with a ';' if it didn't exist).
  • Fix image-related memory leaks in the DocBook exporter
  • Fix a large memory leak that occurred when copying a hyperlink location
  • Fix small memory leaks in the Babelfish, Free Translation, Google, URL Dict, and Wikipedia plug-ins
  • Fix a memory leak in the toolbar font preview code
  • Fix a comment regarding escapeXML()
  • Fix the OpenDocument exporter to honor multiple spaces (bug 10487)
  • Fix "Import bookmarks from XSL-FO documents" (bug 10442)
  • Prevent a few crashes in the Word importer with wv 1.2.1 (bug 10483), and check for exceptions thrown by new to make the existing ut_return* calls useful.
  • Check the return value of genImageFromRectangle() in the Math plugin (related to bug 10482)
  • Fix a small memory leak in the Format Text Box dialog
  • Check the return value of getAttrProp() to prevent chart crashes that can be triggered after repeated chart operations (e.g. visual copying)
  • Fix a crash while grammar-checking a Word document (the crash from bug 10455)
  • Fix a number of memory leaks in the code related to styling footnotes and lists
  • Fix a crash due to list delimiter overflow (bug 10580 and 10582)
  • Hopefully fix some broken he-IL strings (bug 10477)
  • Prevent quite a number of crashes that could be triggered by invoking most editmethods right after starting AbiCommand; this probably also alleviates the crashes seen in bug 10425
  • Martin Srebotnjak: updated Slovenian translation (bug 10506)
  • Lee Chenhwa: updated Chinese translation
  • Kostas Papadimas: updated Greek translation
  • Seanán Ó Coistín: updated Irish translation

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