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VirtualDub 1.6.3

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[features added]
  • Capture: DirectShow driver now supports audio passthrough (Audio > Enable Audio Playback) for devices with integrated audio capture.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver supports capture from sound cards.
  • Capture: Reduced graph rebuilding in DirectShow driver for better performance.
  • Capture: Video/audio source and audio input selection is now supported.
  • Capture: More settings are automatically saved or savable through Device > Device settings.
  • Capture: Noise reduction, field swap, and luma squish can be toggled during capture.
  • Improved asynchronous file write code for better performance and smoother timing in capture.
[bugs fixed]
  • Capture: Adjusted audio resampling timing for better accuracy.
  • Capture: Fixed intermittent crash when audio resampling rate goes very high.
  • Capture: Fixed erratic resampling and display when capturing with audio compression and with audio peak meter displayed.
  • Capture: VFW driver now suppresses default preview display when display acceleration is active.
  • Capture: Fixed crash when exiting capture mode with video histogram enabled.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver did not stretch display window properly.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver now supports the \"set custom format\" command.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver now works with stop preferences.
  • Capture: Disabled normal nice-in-background behavior for accelerated display.
  • Capture: Added workaround for process hang with WDM drivers that need their video port pins rendered.
  • Capture: Histogram was broken for UYVY format video.
[regressions fixed]
  • Fixed crash when decompressing compressed audio with timeline edits.
  • Fixed \'movi\' chunk error on append.
  • B-frame support was broken.
  • Fixed crash when adjusting crop parameters for a filter without a video loaded.
  • Fixed some update problems in the clipping control.
  • Capture: Multi-segment capture wasn\'t working for the third segment and beyond.
  • Capture: Fixed crash when changing video format through capture driver dialog while preview acceleration is active.

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