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VirtualDub 1.6.12

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[features added]
  • Performance settings are now auto-saved.
  • Cropping dialogs now auto-scale video that is too large to display and use a dashed crop border for better visibility.
  • Added /cmd flag to quickly invoke a script command from the command-line.
  • There is now an option to avoid tearing in the video display panes.
  • Script: Added VirtualDub.Exit(int) command to end the program with a specific error code.
  • Script: Added VirtualDub.subset.length property for current length of subset in frames (timeline).
  • Script: Added property for current length of source video in frames.
  • Capture: The list of statistics displayed in the info panel has been expanded and can be filtered from the Preferences dialog.
  • Capture: Modified option to adjust video timing based on drift from ideal stream timing rather than real-time.
  • Capture: Reworked video timing interpolation to be less sensitive to discontinuities in the system timer.
  • Capture: \"Autoincrement filename\" option now automatically skips over existing files as well.
  • Capture: Added timing graph to visualize behavior of resync engine.
  • Capture: Timing logs, if enabled, are automatically saved at the end of capture.
  • Capture: Increased precision of frame period selection from 1us to 100ns to reduce frame dropping at device level when using DirectShow drivers.
  • Capture: Capture from DV sources to type-2 DV AVI using the DirectShow DV driver is now supported.
  • Capture: Backspace now works when entering channel numbers.
[bugs fixed]
  • Increased precision of processing fps estimate.
  • \"Space\" is no longer listed as an accelerator for \"abort dub\" since it doesn\'t work as such when rendering to disk. It still works for preview.
  • Fixed job control re-enabling itself if a menu command is chosen while a job is running, leading to possible reentrancy crashes.
  • Clearing the current job list or loading a new one while a job was in progress led to a crash.
  • Invalid MPEG-1 layer II frame headers display a slightly less confusing error than \"internal error.\"
  • Renamed \"use internal MJPEG decoder\" in AVI extended open options to \"use internal decoders,\" since it happened to force the internal DV decoder too. Added a sticky option in Preferences for this.
  • Filters were receiving inconsistent output frame numbers when using input preview or saving with a starting offset.
  • Fixed crash when crop rectangle reduced filter input to smaller than 1x1.
  • Fixed crash when using deinterlace filter in \"duplicate field 2\" mode.
  • Fixed broken cropping in some modes of deinterlace filter.
  • Manually stopping a save operation will now also stop a running script, and cause a command-line task to return with an error code.
  • CLI tool didn\'t work properly when path to vdub.exe/vdub64.exe contained spaces.
  • Removed some hard-coded limits on frame rates in the Frame Rate dialog box.
  • Fixed minor memory leak when plugins fail to load.
  • Fixed a case where an I/O error on the output AVI file could cause a hang instead of an error to be displayed.
  • MPEG-1: Fixed yet another rare frame decoding error when seeking randomly in the timeline.
  • MPEG-1: Fixed crash when opening file with all CPU optimizations forced on.
  • D3DFX: vd_tvpcorrect, vd_t2vpcorrect, vd_tvpcorrect2, and vd_t2vpcorrect2 constants were computed with U and V sizes swapped.
  • Capture: VFW devices sometimes didn\'t display overlay properly with full-height frame sizes and consumed additional CPU due to the preview hook being left enabled.
  • Capture: The Video File (emulation) test capture driver is no longer a candidate for being saved as the driver to auto-start the next time capture mode is entered.
  • Capture: Unicode filenames are now displayed properly in the title bar.
  • Capture: Fixed 0.03%% sync error when using NTSC frame rates.
  • Capture: Fixed random crash when modifying filter parameters with a WDM capture driver active in accelerated preview mode.
  • Capture: Fixed keyboard focus on startup so that entering channel numbers works again.
  • Capture: Fixed instability on reporting errors when audio resampler is enabled.
  • (AMD64 only) Fixed crash when opening a Motion JPEG file with no MJPEG codec installed. Note that the internal MJPEG codec still isn\'t implemented for this platform.
[regressions fixed]
  • Capture: Fixed normal errors sometimes being reported as internal errors.

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