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VirtualDub 1.5.5

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[features added]
  • Partial Unicode support -- you can now open and save files using Unicode filenames.
  • \"Chroma smoother\" video filter refilters point-sampled chroma with linear interpolation.
  • Single-stream cut & paste. (Be patient....)
  • Improved performance of AVI parser, particularly for Direct mode streaming.
  • Improved performance of bicubic upsampler.
  • Audio filter graph now shows intermediate audio formats on connections.
  • Audio filters can now be plugins.
  • New MPEG-1 video core (Meia) -- full vertical clipping. Horizontal clipping is still by macroblock.
  • Rewrote display code -- DirectDraw support is now automatic.
  • Log windows now have a context menu for clearing, copying, and saving the log text.
  • Modified AVI2 indexing to relax indexing restrictions somewhat, although it\'s still not user configurable yet.
[bugs fixed]
  • Hex editor occasionally displayed the wrong data after a find or save command.
  • \"Attach extension\" option didn\'t work for signpost save dialog.
  • Fixed crash when I/O errors occur during a processing operation, and then occur again when attempting to gracefully finalize the partial output file.
  • \"Clear\" didn\'t work in audio filter graph.
  • Fixed I/O errors when attempting to push audio forward with advanced audio filtering enabled.
  • \"Go to\" command didn\'t handle timestamps with frac- tional seconds that only had 1 or 2 decimal digits.
  • \"General convolution\" generated bad code for factors of 2, 4, and 8 when dynamic compilation was enabled.
  • Interleave periods of zero are no longer allowed.
  • Added workaround for crash or hang when compressing with the \"3ivx D4 4.0.4\" video codec.
  • Fixed non-interleaved save mode and made it cooperate with segmentation.
  • Added workaround for heap corruption when processing audio in advanced mode sourced from some versions of Avisynth.
  • Clarified DivX warning to note that it doesn\'t apply to the DivX 4+ codecs.
  • Fixed filter cropping not working properly when \"motion blur\" was the first filter in the chain.

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