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VirtualDub 1.6.1

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[features added]
  • Rewrote command line parsing so that arguments to /s, /p, and /b no longer require the parameters to be adjacent to the switch.
  • New /i (invoke) command line flag runs a script and passes additional parameters to it, which are available as VirtualDub.params[n].
  • Unescaped, native-coded strings can now be embedded in a script using U\"...\" syntax. In particular, this allows filenames to be inserted directly from a batch file.
  • The Abort button on the dub status dialog now confirms by default for non-preview operations; this can be disabled in Preferences.
[bugs fixed]
  • \"AVIFile compatibility mode\" no longer needs to be manually checked in extended AVI options when opening Avisynth scripts.
  • JPEG output mode now properly checks that the output format is set to 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit RGB.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with some custom UI shells that subclass application windows.
  • DV audio settings are now derived from the first frame rather than the header, which is sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to append or check info on a DV type-1 AVI file.
  • Removed prototype \"triangular resize\" filter.
  • Jump To Frame dialog now takes source rate adjustments into account.
  • Fixed some errant cases of \"invalid handle\" errors when files could not be found.
  • Fixed decoding errors when rendering from an image sequence and the timeline format was customized to have frame byte size information.
  • Image sequences didn\'t load properly if the numeric part of the filename was too large (>2^31).
  • (AMD64 only) Fixed incorrect RGB888-to-XRGB1555 conversion.
  • (AMD64 only) Fixed crash when loading scripts with filters that had more than one configuration parameter.
[regressions fixed]
  • Fix for timeline sometimes getting trashed after starting the frame server.
  • Fix for erroneous first frame if first frame is displayed when starting Direct-mode render.
  • Fix for bad parameters being sent down to video codec if codec\'s native decompression format is paletted or no compatible RGB format is supported.
  • Preference settings common to 1.5.10 or earlier weren\'t saving properly in the Registry.
  • Wave sources weren\'t taking effect immediately.
  • Fixed crash on filter crop set script commands.
  • Added the selection start/end markers to the new timeline control (sheesh).
  • Fixed volume setting warping when saving job entries.

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