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  • Licenses: new system for automatic activation and revocation of Fixed licenses.
  • Editor: a lot of improvements in Summary Cards and Columns View of a folder.
  • Editor, etc: Speed up loading of Identities.
  • Editor: Fix long passcard note is always opened scrolled down to the end.
  • Editor: Main edit box now takes focus when new Safenote is created.
  • Print Preview: fix Print List stops on some values of passcard fields.
  • Closer of windows with RF in them rewritten, to increase usability.
  • Fix RF Setup wizard window not redrawn correctly sometimes on Windows 8.
  • Fix 'FillForms' from the toolbar context menu does not add the object into MRU.
  • Firefox: implement dynamic resize of RF toolbar and collapsing of button labels.
  • Opera: add more protection against bad paths in Opera installation registry keys.
  • Chrome: Fix Chrome's basic auth dialog looses focus after RF attaches toolbar to it.
  • Chrome: Fix RoboForm sometimes opens in the wrong window with Chrome.
  • Firefox, Chrome, Opera: fix filling of Message type field.
  • AutoFill: fix Without Asking notification balloon may show wrong passcard name.
  • Fix login form filling on
  • Do not show blocking passcards in Minidialog and AutoFill dialog.
  • Win32: fix RF shows toolbar in wrong position if DPI is set to 150% on Windows 8.
  • Import: fix bugs in import from Firefox.
  • Import: Fix migration and import for Billeo users.
  • Add Help -> Problem Steps Recorder: runs Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder tool and attaches results to the ticket.
  • Localization: change all RFS files to be in UTF-8 encoding.

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