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RoboForm 2Go 7.7.0 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

RoboForm 2Go 7.7.0  Girişi değiştir

  • Firefox: fix crash on Fill & Sumit, when FF shows warning about sending unprotected data.
  • Firefox, Chrome, Opera: fix form fillings issues.
  • Firefox: Fix open and close of Firefox toolbar customization dialog forces RF toolbar to appear even if it was previously hidden.
  • Opera: fix RF can not install Opera adapter in some cases.
  • Opera: fix can not install/uninstall Opera adapter under limited user.
  • IE 9: cleanup IE use statistics on install, to fix speed complaints.
  • Add 'Renew RoboForm Everywhere' item into RoboForm 'Help' menu.
  • Fix when RF2Go is installing and it offers to upgrade old RF Fixed version, it cannot do it.
  • Fix in some cases RF can not access User Data folder located on mapped network drive.
  • Fix RF crashes after Fill&Submit from RF Toolbar if user has more than 10 logins for free.
  • Fix if FillWithoutAsking then RF may fill a Win32 form several times even when user is typing.
  • Manual Sync warning: show an option to remind in: 1/3/7/ days, 1/2/4 weeks.

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