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RoboForm 2Go

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  • Sync: sync Most Recently Used and Most Popular passcard lists between computers.
  • Sync: if only MRU and MostPop has changed, do a delayed sync (by 15 min) for them.
  • Sync: fix automatic sync request breaks the already running sync.
  • Sync: Add User actions and Sync actions to log created by Analyze.
  • Firefox: fix RF Toolbar disappears after used once in Firefox when Firebug is present.
  • Firefox: RoboForm toolbar always disappears when restarting FF 13.
  • Firefox: fix Login/Goto command may not work sometimes right after browser start.
  • Firefox: fix RF search history list in Firefox 13 does not work.
  • Firefox Basic Auth: fix Roboform window closes in Firefox after HTTP AUTH bug.
  • Firefox, Chrome, Opera: show grey version of Logoff icon in RF toolbar.
  • Chrome: fix Popup Toolbar disappears after appearing if keyboard focus was in address bar.
  • Chrome: use manifest ver 2, not ver 1.
  • Chrome: Fix the icon shown on RF button in Chrome toolbar does not reflect status of RF.
  • Chrome, Popup Toolbar: fix popup toolbar window is not closed sometimes.
  • Chrome, Firefox: fix problems related to login.
  • Chrome: fix GoFill cycling sometimes.
  • Opera 12: make RoboForm work in Opera 12.
  • Opera: make RF popup toolbar work in Opera too (was in Chrome only).
  • Opera 12, Chrome: do not set their windows as owner of RF windows.
  • Opera: use XML parser, so that we can install into user-changed XML.
  • Win32: do not attach to Adobe AIR windows, nothing to fill there.
  • Win32: fix RF Win32 toolbar does not appear sometimes on a new window with form.
  • Win32: fix RF toolbar does not appear for popup dialogs shown by a privileged process.
  • Win32: fix RF toolbar can not fill Win32 window of a privileged process.
  • Editor: add the 'Skype to' button for the phone and Skye ID fields.
  • Fix Login Tip window of a tab stays visible after switching to another tab.
  • Add Show Login Tip command into the passcard menu after Fill command;
  • Fix when saving SearchCard existing SearchCards are not shown.
  • Search Box (standalone): fix all safenote commands in drop-up search options list do not work.
  • Fix RF sometimes did not warn about Sensitive fields and Duplicated fields.
  • Do not pin/unpin plain-text passcards in Most Popular list.
  • AutoFill: check that a page URL matches given passcard/identity, to prevent phishing.
  • AutoSave bar: make Enter key work properly.
  • Fix RoboForm2Go forgets proxy settings.
  • Fix OpenSaveFile dialog locks selected folder so it can not be renamed or deleted.

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