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RoboForm 7.6.8

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RoboForm 7.6.8  Girişi değiştir

  • Add 'Renew RoboForm Everywhere' item into RoboForm 'Help' menu.
  • Save dialog: propose variants of new name based on page URL and on page title.
  • AutoSave: add a variant of proposed name based on domain and user id.
  • Fix AutoSave bar with password request is closed without saving when Enter is pressed.
  • Rf2Go: fix pure Rf2Go does not detach from IE when RF TBI closes.
  • Sync: Run automatic sync when 'Automatic Sync' option is turned on.
  • IE: Fix RoboForm prevents sending email on Outlook Web Access sites.
  • Opera: fix RF does not work in Opera on 64-bit Windows.
  • MaxThon: fix MaxThon 3 does not load IE extensions anymore.
  • Avant: Fix user cannot close lower RF Toolbar permanently in Avant.
  • Fix rare crashes in RF-Firefox and other browser integration.
  • Firefox: fix forced save happens only if navigation is detected after the click.
  • Firefox: switch RF to using Gecko SDK ver 9 as it is now official.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix form filing bugs on some sites.
  • Block RF timers during form filling, so that RF update may not happen when filling.
  • Block RF timers while in JS, to avoid possible recursivity.
  • Add import from SplashID.
  • Fix Set Default command does not work from an existing login's context menu.
  • Fix Virtual Keyboard button letters are unreadable when system fonts are large.
  • Fix errors in menu pagination.
  • Password Generator: fix several small bugs.

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