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Password Safe 3.28

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* New Features
- The passwords in the Password History and in the List view now displayed with the specified Password Font. In addition, you can now zoom in and out of the Notes field, for easy reading of texts.
- The password history can now be deleted for all existing entries in a database at once (optionally including Protected Entries).
- Multiple Password Policies can now be defined, managed and selected in entries to generate passwords.
- Partial support for Czech has been added, thanks to butchtik.
* Changes to Existing Features
- The Edit menu item and entry right-click context menu item "Copy Run Command to Clipboard" will now substitute any variables within the command. This can be disabled by holding down the Ctrl key when selecting these menu items. (Note that the standard menu shortcut can't be used to disable, as the Ctrl key may be used to select a different menu item/command.)
- As mentioned in the V3.26 release, the XML representation of date/time fields, are now in the W3C dateTime standard format instead of PasswordSafe's. This release no longer supports import of XML files with date time fields in the old PasswordSafe's format. See the online Help (the XML section of "Import Password Entries") if you need to manually convert old XML files.
- After closing the current database, on opening another, PasswordSafe will first attempt to access the directory of the last opened database in order to allow the user to start browsing for their intended database. If this directory is not available, PasswordSafe will open the default "My Safes" directory as it did prior to this change.
- Databases are now always validated when opened. The Manage->Validate menu item has therefore been removed.
- The default backup policy has been changed to save the last three versions of the database, instead of one.
- The graphic symbols for entries, groups, etc. have been redone, as most displays now support more than 256 colors.
* Bugs fixed
- Rename of a group is now complete even if a filter is active.
- PasswordSafe no longer crashes when returning to edit after lock.
- The number of saved passwords can be changed and after the user presses Apply they will no longer be warned that the entry has been changed when pressing Cancel.
- A password entry's expiry time in days now correctly reflects the expiration date for non-recurring expiration.
- Filters can now be cleared by double-clicking on the filter indicator in the status bar. Also, Filter Menu correctly changed when a filter is active.
- '-g config_file' option now accepts a non-existing file, creating it after notfying the user.
- Buttons in the Options property pages now retain the user's Windows theme.
- Fix inability to copy entries to the original database in the Compare database results dialog.

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