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Password Safe 3.14

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Password Safe 3.14 Release Notes - August 2008

This note describe the new features, fixed bugs and known problems
with the latest versions of Password Safe. For a short description of
Password Safe, please see the accompanying README.txt file. For more
information on the product and the project, please visit Details about changes to older
releases may be found in the file ChangeLog.txt.

Bugs fixed in 3.14
[2071489] off-by-one bug in range for generated passwords fixed.
[1978486] The R/W status of a database is unchanged if it is already
open and the user cancels an open file action.
[1978475] Clear clipboard options are no longer interchanged.
[1970652] No longer crashes when user exits search for non-existant
[1966718] Text in 'Notes" now has horizontal scroll bar during Add.
[1959193] PWS now honors the read-only command line parameter (-r)
for first file open. Afterwards, the behavior is determined by the R/O
open preference or user selecting read-only at open time.
[1954268] Aliases and shortcuts now processed correctly during merge.
[1933174, 2015132] Reports from Import (Text or XML), Compare, Merge
and Find are no longer written to disk by default.
[] Expired icon now correct after password change.
[] Current tree state is now updated correctly upon exit (Thanks to
[] Correct display of tree items on restore from minimize.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.14
[1958303] TreeView buttons (+/-) now larger without significantly
increasing the visible bitmap image. Also, now transparent.
[] Drop down list of databases at start-up now retains order of usage
rather than sorted alphabetically.
[] A new Double-click action has been added: Copy password to
clipboard and then minimize. Thanks to Garrett for his work on this.

New Features for 3.14
[2004500] CTRL-A now selects all of the Notes field in Add & Edit.
[1817880, 2018365] Option to allow restricting only a single instance per user.
If set and another copy of PasswordSafe started, focus is given to the
existing instance.
[] The entries displayed can now be filtered based on rules on every
field in the database.
[] Add Dragbar and also allow D&D from Tree onto a text field to drop the
entry's password value.
[] During initial open, tooltips in the drop down list box will display
the full database names and paths.

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