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Password Safe 3.22

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# New Features

* Support for Danish has been added - thanks to Rejmond for his effort in translating!
* [2983775] Recently Used Entries are now saved in the database header and so are "persistent". The current Windows user interface limits this to a maximum of the last 25 entries accessed.
* [2980609] Allow date filters to use relative dates
* [2979411] A single entry can now be exported to a text or XML file via the Edit menu or right-click context menu.
* [2957185] Add Synchronize function to the menu options during review of the results of a Compare database operation.
* Validation of databases can now be performed via the Manage menu as well as via the command line flag '-v'. When executed via the menu, it is very similar to opening a new database in that the current open database is closed and the selected database is validated during the open process.
* Allow user to select external editor for Notes field in Add/Edit dialog.
* Add entry size to the available filters to be able view entries.
* Warn users during database open and entry import if there are entries with large text fields (e.g. Notes) that cannot be fully displayed and may be truncated if edited.

# Changes to Existing Features

* Preferences are now saved in the 'normal' per-user directory under Windows. Existing installations will use current preferences, but users can migrate to the new location via Manage->Options->System->Migrate PasswordSafe configuration to user directory.
* New databases will be created by default in "My Safes" directory under "My Documents".

# Bugs fixed

* [3004446] Deleting a group of entries works again.
* [2994118] Swedish version no longer crashes when checking for latest version.
* [2990734] Changing either whether password history is kept and deleting currently saved history now activates the OK Button.
* [2990609] Clicking to rename entries is now disabled when database is read-only.
* [2984527] Database preferences (including the Idle Timer setting) now retained during a locking minimize to the System Tray.
* [2977941] The password expiry date is now updated during edit if the password is changed either via the Generate button or by the user manually editing it.
* [2977045] Can now make password expiration date any value from the current date.
* [2962916] Save toolbar button only enabled if database is R/W and has been changed since last saved.
* [2962847] Fix password length checking to be between 4 and 1024 during menu Generate Password option & Password Policy setting as per previous releases.
* [2960709] Entry selected prior to workstation locking is reselected on being restored after unlocking the workstation.
* [2957933] Ensure that AutoType delay and wait times are not impacted by numeric characters from any entry field substitution.
* [2951871] Shortcut related menu items now returned to the Edit menu and the "Run Command", "Browse to URL", "Browse to URL + Autotype" and "Send email" functions now work again, when a Shortcut entry is selected.
* [2897661, 2779654] Group expand/collapse state restored after the database is Locked, Minimized or "AutoType with Minimize" and then Restored.
* Use of External Editor on Notes field from Edit dialog now activates Apply and OK buttons.
* Fix errors if importing an XML file with entries with duplicate unique IDs (UUID elements).
* Remove "Confirm Deletion of Entries" checkbox from theMisc. Options page. New support for Undo/Redo made this unnecessary. Users are always asked to confirm the deletion of Groups or entries that have aliases or shortcuts.

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