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Google Chrome Beta  Girişi değiştir

* Network related fixes (Issue: 30149, 30203, 30355)
* Enable UMA data upload in ChromeFrame (Issue: 30508)
* Authorization headers set using XHR with ChromeFrame were stripped in the outgoing HTTP (Issue: 23103)
* CF Full Mode display webpage when "Open link in new window" opened in ChromeFrame via the Open in New window operation (Issue: 30013)
* Delete cookies with JavaScript and chromeframe (Issue: 30786, 30786)
* [r35634] [OS-WIN7] Issue 30414 - Win7 - Add profile info to app id associated with shortcuts and window. Append profile info to win7 app id per issue 30414 (Issue: 30414)
* [r35807] "Don't show "Did you mean" infobars on single-word searches for users whose ISP or DNS provider displays custom error pages for nonexistent hostnames." (Issue: 31556)

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