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Security Updates
[r2042] Fix a potential denial of service with very long title
attributes on tags. The title attribute sets the tooltip text when you
hover the mouse over an element.
Security Rating: Low risk. This can lead to 100% CPU usage or a tab
More information:

Other Changes
[r1927] Stop adding content from HTTPS sites to the searchable index.
Google Chrome keeps a searchable history of pages you visit. This
history is only stored locally on your computer. Previously, this
searchable history included the text from secure sites, such as your
online bank (any sites using SSL for security). Google Chrome no
longer saves text from secure pages in its local history. The address
bar and local history search page will no longer find data from secure
sites you have visited.

If you are concerned about data that might have been indexed for
searching before this release, you can follow the Google Chrome Help
Center instructions for clearing your browsing history.
[r1978] Don't send sensitive URLs to search suggest services. Google
Chrome stops sending data to a suggest service if the typed URL:
contains a username:password field (http://
has query parameters (the trailing ?param=data following the URL)
is an https URL with any path component (any part following the
hostname, such as /path in
[r1848, r1943, r2003] Fixes to the Google Chrome updater to make
updates more reliable.
[r1859] Fix problems with Flash not playing video if too many
connections are opened. For example, using the slider to advance video
on YouTube could cause video to stop playing.
[r2059] Allow JavaScript to communicate with Java applets. Fixes bug
[r1299] JavaScript: Dispatch contextmenu events after mouseup events.
This fixes the right-click menu not working on Google Spreadsheets.
Fixes bug 745.
[r1692] Fix crashes with some plugins --3dvia was the most widely
reported-- when they return an error for NPN_GetValue. Fixes bug 493.

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