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Google Chrome Beta  Girişi değiştir

Notable Changes:

* Fixed not being able to copy selected text by using right-click (Issue 8883).
* Added support to cache some form submissions so that when you press back, you don't get the annoying "Confirm Form Submission" page (Issue 2636).
* The Web Inspector should be working properly again (right-click > Inspect Element) (Issue 8821).
* Fixed most pages being cut off on the side and bottom when you print them (Issue 9535).

Last Week's Known Issues Fixed:

* Fixed problem of creating multuiple Download tabs in a window (Issue 8767). Thanks to a contribution by Mohamed Mansour.
* Fixed the progress indicator for downloads (Issue 8220).
* Fixed History tab only showing today's browsing history (Issue 8827).
* Fixed auto-detect for page encoding (Issue 8587).

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