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Google Chrome Beta  Girişi değiştir

* [r31412] Kiosk Mode implementation. (Issue: 23145 – doesn't work on OS X yet)
* Update covered by extensions and all platforms.

# Extensions

* [r31157] Don't reload extensions management page to refresh after install/uninstall/disable (Issue: 26163)
* [r31179] User scripts not installed depending on download settings (Issue: 26801)
* [r31204] Implement alert(), prompt(), and confirm() for extensions (Issue: 12126)
* [r31285] Installed extensions should not have the 'reload' option (Issue: 26901)
* [r31335] Make inspector for background page stay open across reloads (Issue: 25287)
* [r31365] Add an info bubble after extension installation (Issue: 21412)
* [r31540] Added a confirmation on extension uninstallation. (Issue: 27162)

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