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# Major Changes

- Auto-Update System: We have a brand new auto-update system in Digsby. Updates are now downloaded *after* you log in rather than before. They are then applied next time you restart Digsby so downloading updates never gets in your way. You can also choose whether to automatically download new updates in “Preferences > General & Profile”. Lastly, clicking “Help > About” will check to see if your Digsby is up to date or if new updates are available for download.

- Accounts Section: We redesigned the Accounts section in Preferences from the ground up to reflect Services you use with features that you can enable and disable for each service. This is much more intuitive than having three separate lists of IM, email, and social network accounts. For example, you don't need to add your Gtalk and Gmail accounts or your Facebook Chat and Facebook Newsfeed accounts separately any more.

- Email/Social Panels: The email and social network panels on the buddy list got a makeover. They now say the service name instead of the login username when you only have one of each service. If you have more than one of any service, they fall back to the login username as before. You can also rename them manually via the right click menu. Lastly, they can now be rearrange via drag and drop (although you can't intermix email and social accounts as each one is a separate list).

- Sorting/Grouping: We changed how grouping and sorting options work in “Preferences > Buddy List”. The new set of options is more intuitive by letting you choose the grouping mechanism first and then choosing how to sort those groups. It also allows for an extra level of sorting as a result.

- RTL Support: We added RTL support to all of the IM window conversation themes. They determine how to align the messages based on the first character of each IM. The input box in newly created IM windows also automatically sets the RTL option based on your current keyboard setting.

- ICQ Spam Blocker: We added an option in the Privacy settings for ICQ accounts to automatically block friend requests with URLs in them. This option is ON by default and should help cut down on ICQ spam significantly.

- Stability: We fixed several memory leaks related to account disconnects along with several of the most common crash causing bugs to improve Digsby stability and performance.

# Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail login to fail due to a protocol change which is being rolled out to some users
- Fixed a bug that caused newly added MSN buddies to end up on your block list
- Fixed a bug that caused you to lose your preferences if closing Digsby at a very specific point in the login sequence
- Fixed a bug that caused the room list to show wider than it should when the IM window is maximized
- Fixed a bug that caused some MSN buddies to not show the “Info” button in the Actions Bar
- Fixed a bug that caused LinkedIn accounts to keep trying to log in if they are in the “Authentication Error” state
- Fixed a bug that caused files to remain locked if a Yahoo file transfer failed
- Fixed a bug that caused Twitter to not show anything in the History view if there's a capital letter in your Twitter username
- Fixed a bug that caused some IM clients to not recognize Digsby as having group chat support on Gtalk
- Fixed a bug that caused Twitter to fail to log in if you have a unicode password
- Fixed a bug that caused some Twitter contacts to not show in the auto-complete list when typing the @ character
- Fixed a bug that caused some Twitter contacts to disappear from groups you put them in when they don't tweet for a while
- Fixed a bug that caused extremely slow scrolling when using a Microsoft Intellimouse
- Fixed a bug that caused the input area to double in size if the To/From drop downs appear while the IM window was minimized
- Fixed a bug that caused the links at the top of a Twitter infobox to not work if you log in using your email instead of your user name
- Fixed a bug that caused semi-colons to not show if they were typed after a unicode character
- Fixed a bug that caused buttons in dialogs to break if you open more than one at a time
- Fixed a bug that caused incoming IMs from new versions of Pidgin to show as HTML
- Fixed a bug that caused old status data to show for some AIM buddies in their infobox
- Fixed a bug that caused Gmail actions to stop working if part of your session expired
- Fixed a bug that caused the “Event Invites” link in Facebook to go to the wrong URL
- Fixed bugs with character wrapping in the “Modern Bubbling” and “Gone Dark” themes
- Fixed a bug that caused HTML looking nicknames in an IM window to get rendered
- Fixed a bug that caused the installer to try installing Digsby even if it detects Digsby running in the background
- Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to show a permissions error on exit for a small portion of users
- Fixed a bug that caused the input box to start very large if new conversations are set to start minimized

# Enhancements
- We've replaced all the Internet Explorer windows we use for social network oAuth login screens with WebKit windows (same rendering engine we use for the IM window and news feeds)
- MSN servers no longer block IMs from those on your block list so Digsby now handles the blocking locally
- Improved “Custom Status” dialog when setting exceptions for individual IM accounts
- Made the single instance checker more reliable so you can't launch multiple copies of Digsby
- Added idle support to Facebook Chat for when you go idle in Digsby
- Idle Facebook Chat buddies now show as Idle instead of Away
- Added support for using Shift + Delete to cut (Shift + Insert to paste already works)
- Added a hint for how to access newsfeeds when you close the Welcome Screen after initial login
- Added a hint for using Ctrl + F to search the buddy list when you manually scroll it using the scroll bar
- Clicking “Inbox” will now go to your Priority Inbox in Gmail if that view is set as your default
- Digsby will no longer fire popups for old emails it learns about when you have more than 25 unread emails
- When you choose to add a contact from the IM window dropdown, only the account you are chatting from is pre-selected
- Made reconnecting easier for accounts in an Authentication Error state which require a browser (oAuth) login
- Don't try to save MSN aliases that are longer than the server set length limit
- Full width spaces at the end of URLs will no longer linkify in Twitter
- When you first add a Twitter account, the tweets which come in from the initial update get marked as read
- Show an error popup when launching the default browser fails because it is not set properly in Windows

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