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Digsby Beta (build 65)  Girişi değiştir

Major Changes

* Brand New Installer!
* Fixed a critical bug that caused social network accounts to disappear on login for some users
* You can now flip through entire Facebook photo albums in the newsfeed instead of just the pictures you see
* The Facebook newsfeed is now filtered to match the rules you set up on the Facebook website
* The research module now has its own section in preferences with info and options

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that prevented users behind some proxy servers from connecting to Facebook
* Fixed a bug that prevented Facebook users from setting multiline statuses
* Fixed a bug that prevented Facebook users from setting unicode (non-English) statuses or comments
* Fixed a bug that caused Gmail compose windows to get stuck when loading in the web browser
* Fixed a bug that caused some income Yahoo IMs to show HTML (ie: FADE and ALT)
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook IM windows to show your Facebook ID instead of your name
* Fixed a bug that caused IM windows to not open when double clicking on MySpaceIM buddies
* Fixed a bug with MSN file transfers


* Added a right-click menu to the Facebook buddy list entry and tray icon
* Added copy/paste support in the Facebook infobox comments area
* Facebook will not fire popup notifications for newsfeed items created by you
* Added a separator and more spacing between Facebook newsfeed stories

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