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Major Changes
* Major overhaul for MSN Conversations to fix bugs that caused messages to not be delivered sometimes - please use Help > Send Bug Report if this still happens and describe how to reproduce it
* Fixed a bug that caused the CPU to spike to 100% if an MSN file transfer fails
* Added a backup auto-update system in case Amazon S3 has issues again like it did last time
* Added support for unicode and extended ascii passwords

Bug Fixes
* Several bug fixes in the new Yahoo Mail implementation (a few more on the way in the next build)
* Fixed a bug that caused popups for Facebook Chat buddies with no status message to show the word None
* Fixed a bug in the status combobox that resulted in your status not changing if you change the state without changing the status message
* Fixed a bug that caused you to appear Invisible even to buddies on your Visible list in ICQ
* Fixed a bug that prevented you from sending messages while invisible in ICQ
* Shift + Enter no longer inserts a strange character when setting your AIM profile in preferences
* Conversation Themes with a header show the buddy name instead of your name for Facebook Chat buddies
* Fixed a bug in Facebook Chat that caused the buddy list not to update when corrupt idle time data came in
* Fixed a bug that caused the Facebook newsfeed to not show if corrupt data came in for your own status message
* Fixed a bug that prevented you from deleting a group with a merged contact in it which has contacts from another group
* Fixed a docking bug that allowed you to accidentally resize the buddy list while it is returning from auto-hide
* Fixed a docking bug that caused the buddy list to stay in an Always on Top state after you undock it
* Fixed a docking bug that caused the taskbar entry to not come back when you undocked the buddy list

* Added object counts to diagnostic logs to help find memory leaks so if you somehow get Digsby to use an extreme amount of RAM (500MB+) please use Help > Send Bug Report and mention how much it was using, as well as, how long it was running
* Added a progress bar that lets you know a bug report is being submitted
* ICQ buddies with unicode nicknames that we can't decode will at least appear on the buddy list without their nicknames for now
* Auto-reply no longer replies to the Twitter bot on Gtalk and AIM with your status message
* Facebook chat buddies can now be dragged to other groups
* Right clicking on an error popup does the same thing as clicking the close button, which is to close and not notify of future errors until it successfully reconnects at least once
* We now ask the proxy server to find the host if our own lookup fails
* URLs in status messages and profiles now get linkified so you can just click to open them in your default browser
* The buddy list repositions itself and re-docks if the monitor resolution changes while it is docked
* Closing the buddy list and opening it by double clicking the tray icon redocks it now if it was docked when you closed it

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