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# Major Changes
* Spell Check: We expanded spell check to support over 50 languages instead of just English. The next phase of this project will include translating the actual Digsby client into different languages.
* Facebook Chat: Our Facebook Chat implementation will now connect to a new set of Facebook XMPP servers that should be much more stable than the HTTP servers we currently connect to. These servers also report your entire buddy list instead of just online buddies.
* Facebook Login: We switched Facebook Newsfeed and Facebook Chat login over to OAuth 2.0, which is a much more streamlined method for requesting permissions that Facebook announced at their last F8 conference.
* Twitter Achievements: We added achievements to Twitter (previously only on Facebook and MySpace). You will be asked if you would like to enable or disable this functionality and you can turn it on/off by editing your Twitter account in Preferences.
* Gtalk disconnect: We fixed a major bug in Google Talk that caused it to constantly disconnect if you have an iTeleport user on your buddy list.

# Bug Fixes
* Fixed a bug that caused some Yahoo Mail accounts to fail to log in due to a protocol change on their end
* Fixed a few edge cases where auto-update wouldn't kick in at all
* Fixed a bug with auto-update that caused Digsby to launch with admin privileges after an auto-update
* Fixed a few small memory leaks
* Fixed a few small login and infobox bugs with LinkedIn
* Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail to not log in for a small portion of users
* Fixed a bug that caused some AIM accounts to get stuck in the “Loading Contact List” state
* Fixed a bug that caused incoming MSN IMs to not show in Digsby when sent by eBuddy users
* Fixed a bug with spell checking that caused correctly spelled words to be marked spelling errors
* Fixed a bug that caused the file transfer window to not remember its last position
* Fixed a bug that caused MySpaceIM to disconnect when sending messages with slashes in them
* Fixed a bug that caused offline messages received in AIM to show as HTML sometimes
* Fixed a bug that caused ICQ messages to show as HTML
* Fixed a bug that caused the desktop shortcut for Digsby to stick around after uninstall
* Fixed a bug that caused URLs to get shortened (they are already short)
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to fail to connect for a small portion of users behind firewalls
* Fixed a bug that caused incoming IMs from AIM buddies using meebo to show HTML
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook Chat to request buddy icons and status updates excessively
* Possibly fixed a bug that caused the account wizard to show on each login
* Ignore erroneous errors from Twitter servers that were causing disconnects

# Enhancements
* Twitter now authenticates via their xAuth mechanism
* Ignore Facebook invite alerts that are erroneous by checking to see if the event actually exists
* Added support for Yahoo Pingbox
* Added an “Exit Digsby” option in the Win7 jumplist
* Updated the PyXMPP library we use

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