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Rainlendar 2.7 Beta 87  Girişi değiştir

* The calendar's password couldn't be changed from the options. Fixed.
* Yearly recurring events with alarm caused problems in the Google calendar. Fixed.
* Fixed issue with Outlook recurring events which caused corrupted events in Rainlendar.
* Remember The Milk authentication token is now cleared only if the server returns proper error.
* The events from Google calendar were not read properly after resuming from suspend mode. Fixed.
* Fixed a crash bug with the start another instance dialog.
* Google missed the last day of the recurring events which defined the "until" as the end. Fixed.
* Outlook alarms were set too far in the past. Fixed.
* The event list can now show items from the past too (Options->Advanced->"Number of past days the list shows").
* The pastitem and pastheader can be used to customize the past events in the list.
* The past events can be hidden from the event list with Options->Advanced->"Hide past events".
* The event and task list track now the state of the past/overdue items and update the list when necessary.

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