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# Changes:

* Changing to simple skin options didn't remove the active window list. Fixed.
* Double clicking a skin or addon showed a DDE error. Fixed.
* Script timers got broken in the previous build. They should work now again.
* Fixed log for the Linux and Mac builds.
* Message box with no parent window remembers its position.
* The alarm window should stay now better on top of other windows.
* The lock file is now stored to /tmp on Linux and Mac.
* The task priority wasn't set correctly to Outlook. Fixed.
* Outlook showed empty and non-existing categories as separate. To fix this Rainlendar doesn't create empty category properties anymore.
* The exception date increases by the current recurrence when the "Add" button is clicked.
* The task list header format for start and due date is now customizable from advanced options.
* Added import limit setting for the Outlook calendar.
* It's now possible to transfer tasks between Remember the Milk lists.
* When editing RTM tasks now only the changed fields are send to the server which should improve the performance.

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