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Rainlendar 2.0 Beta 23  Girişi değiştir

- Fixed few strings for better localization.
- Imported events from a ini-file didn't set the end date for recurrence correctly. Fixed.
- Added checks to the new calendar wizard that network files are not used as the file name.
- Linux: The correct executable path should be found now even if the application was started from a symbolic link.
- Added TimeFormat and DateFormat to advanced options.
- Date and time formats are taken from the locale on Windows. On Linux you need to manually override them.
- Zero years "(0)" is not added to birthdays and anniversaries anymore.
- Moved the default position of the windows upwards.
- Months can be changed with the wheel also over the month.
- Added time format codes to the help.
- Added possibility to lock the windows in place.
- The user is notified if a new birthday or anniversary event is created which has no recurrence.
- Added %D to the EventListHeaderFormat.
- The icons were not drawn correctly if they were on multiple rows. Fixed.
- The Outlook plugin doesn't scan subfolders anymore unless they are under a calendar or task folder.
- Added support for drag'n'dropping. You can install skins, languages, license file and import ics-files by dropping them over one of the windows.
- Added bullets to the todo-list.
- Added "ignoredefault" to the skins category definitions which can be used to ignore the default event appearance for the category.
- Linux: The lock file is stored in the config folder instead of the user's home folder.
- If the ~/.config folder exists Rainlendar will store its settings to there.
- Added FontScale to advanced options which can be used to change the font sizes in the windows.
- Linux: Fixed a crash bug with the tray icon.
- If the user removes all active windows from the advanced skin options, the default windows are used automatically.
- Calendars-submenu didn't work from the tray icon. Fixed.
- The skins can have addons (e.g. language packs) which are merged with the original skin.
- Added SkinLanguage to the advanced options.

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