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PhpMyAdmin 3.5.3

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PhpMyAdmin 3.5.3  Girişi değiştir

  • Bug #3539044 [interface] Browse mode "Show" button gives blank page if no results anymore
  • Bug #3534979 [interface] Copy Database Ajax feedback vanishes long before copying is done
  • Bug #3527531 [interface] GC-maxlifetime warning incorrectly displayed
  • Bug #3526916 [interface] Search fails with JS error when tooltips disabled
  • Bug #3544366 [interface] Event comments not saved
  • Bug #3549084 [edit] Can't enter date directly when editing inline
  • Bug #3548491 [interface] Inline query editor doesn't work from search results
  • Bug #3547825 [edit] BLOB download no longer works
  • Bug #3541966 [config] Error in generated configuration arrray
  • Bug #3553551 [GUI] Invalid HTML code in multi submits confirmation form
  • [interface] Designer sometimes places tables on the top menu
  • Bug #3546277 [core] Call to undefined function __() when config file has wrong permissions
  • Bug #3540922 [edit] Error searching table with many fields
  • Bug #3555104 [edit] Cannot copy a DB with table & views
  • Bug #3559925 [privileges] Incorrect updating of the list of users
  • Bug #3561224 [edit] cell edit date field with empty date fills in current date
  • Bug #3559955 [edit] current_date from function drop down fails on update
  • Bug #3562472 add support for Solaris and freebsd system load and memory display in server status
  • Bug #3553068 [import] Table import from XML file fails
  • Replace Highcharts with jqplot for Display chart
  • Bug #3567684 [edit] Pasting value doesn't clear null checkbox
  • Bug #3570786 [edit] Datepicker for date and datetime fields is broken

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