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PhpMyAdmin 3.4.8

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PhpMyAdmin 3.4.8  Girişi değiştir

  • Bug #3425230 [interface] enum data split at space char (more space to edit)
  • Bug #3426840 [interface] enum/set editor can't handle commas in values
  • Bug #3427256 [interface] no links to browse/empty views and tables
  • Bug #3430377 [interface] deleted search results remain visible
  • Bug #3428627 [import] ods import ignores memory limits
  • Bug #3426836 [interface] visual column separation
  • Bug #3428065 [parser] true not recognized by parser
  • Patch #3433770 [config] make location of php-gettext configurable
  • Patch #3430291 [import] handle conflicts in some open_basedir situations
  • Bug #3431427 [display] dropdown results - setting null does not work
  • Patch #3428764 [edit] inline edit on multi-server configuration
  • Patch #3437354 [core] notice: array to string conversion in php 5.4
  • [interface] when showtooltipaliastb is true, view is wrongly shown as the view name in main panel db structure page
  • Bug #3439292 [core] fail to synchronize column with name of keyword
  • Bug #3425156 [interface] add column after drop
  • [interface] avoid showing the password in phpinfo()'s output
  • Bug #3441572 [gui] 'newer version of phpmyadmin' message not shown in ie8
  • Bug #3407235 [interface] entering the key through a lookup window does not reset null
  • [security] self-xss on database names (synchronize), see pmasa-2011-18
  • [security] self-xss on database names (operations/rename), see pmasa-2011-18
  • [security] self-xss on column type (create index), see pmasa-2011-18
  • [security] self-xss on column type (table search), see pmasa-2011-18
  • [security] self-xss on invalid query (table overview), see pmasa-2011-18

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