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PhpMyAdmin 3.3.6

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PhpMyAdmin 3.3.6  Girişi değiştir

  • Bug #3033063 [core] Navi gets wrong db name
  • Bug #3031705 [core] Fix generating condition for real numbers by comparing them to string.
  • Bug #3034026 [confirmation] TRUNCATE queries get no confirmation request
  • Bug #3036132 [core] Triggers not fetched if dbname has an hyphen
  • Patch #3039269 [dbi] Wrong variable checked for nopassword option, thanks to Will Palmer - wpalmer
  • Bug #3040226 [XHTML] lockfromupdate checkbox not checked by default
  • Bug [doc] Withdraw or edit FAQ entries related to older mysql or PHP
  • Bug #3042706 [pmadb] Relations, bookmarks, etc deleted after table drop
  • Bug #3044189 [doc] Cleared documentation for hide_db.
  • Bug #3042495 [core] Move PMA_sendheaderlocation to core.lib.php.

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