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Gaim 2.8.0

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* General:
- Implement simple silence suppression for voice calls, preventing wasted bandwidth for silent periods during a call.
- Added the DigiCert? High Assurance CA-3 intermediate CA, needed for validation of the Facebook XMPP interface's certificate.
- Removed the QQ protocol plugin. It hasn't worked in a long time and isn't being maintained, therefore we no longer want it.
* Pidgin:
- Duplicate code cleanup.
- Voice/Video call window adapts correctly to adding or removing streams on the fly.
- Don't cancel an ongoing call when rejecting the addition of a stream to the existing call.
- Pidgin plugins can now override tab completion and detect clicks on usernames in the chat userlist.
- Fix the tooltip being destroyed when it is full of information and cover the mouse
* libpurple:
- media: Allow obtaining active local and remote candidates.
- media: Allow getting/setting video capabilities.
- Simple Silence Suppression is optional per-account.
- Fix purple-url-handler being unable to find an account.
- media: Allow adding/removing streams on the fly.
- Support new connection states in NetworkManager 0.9.
- When removing a buddy, delete the pounces associated with it.
- media: Allow libpurple and plugins to set SDES properties for RTP conferences.
- proxy: Add new "Tor/Privacy" proxy type that can be used to restrict operations that could leak potentially sensitive data (e.g. DNS queries).
- media: Add support for using TCP relaying with TURN (will only work with libnice 0.1.0 and later).
* AIM:
- Fix setting icons with dimensions greater than 64x64 pixels by scaling them down to at most 64x64.
* Gadu-Gadu:
- Allow showing your status only to buddies.
- Updated internal libgadu to version 1.10.1.
- Updated internal libgadu to version 1.11.0.
- Suppress blank messages that happen when receiving inline images.
- Fix sending inline images to remote users, don't crash when trying to send large (> 256kB) images.
- Support typing notifications.
- Require libgadu 1.11.0 to avoid using internal libgadu.
- Optional SSL connection support for GNUTLS users (not on Windows yet!).
- Don't count received messages or statuses when determining whether to send a keepalive packet.
- Fix a crash when receiving images on Windows or an incorrect timestamp in the log when receiving images on Linux.
- Support XML events, resulting in immediate update of other users' buddy icons.
- Accept poorly formatted URLs from other third-party clients in the same manner as the official client.
* ICQ:
- Fix setting icons with dimensions greater than 64x64 pixels by scaling them down to at most 64x64.
- Fix unsetting your mood when "None" is selected.
- Ignore Daylight Saving Time when performing calculations related to birthdays.
- It is now possible to specify multiple encodings on the Advanced tab of an ICQ account's settings by using a comma-delimited list.
* IRC:
- Add "authserv" service command.
* MSN:
- Fix a hard-to-exploit crash in the MSN protocol when using the HTTP connection method.
* MXit:
- Support for an Invite Message when adding a buddy.
- Fixed bug in splitting-up of messages that contain a lot of links.
- Fixed crash caused by timer not being disabled on disconnect. (introduced in 2.7.11)
- Clearing of the conversation window now works.
- When receiving an invite you can display the sender's profile information, avatar image, invite message.
- The Change PIN option was moved into separate action.
- New profile attributes added and shown.
- Update to protocol v6.3.
- Added the ability to view and invite your Suggested Friends, and to search for contacts.
- Also display the Status Message of offline contacts in their profile information.
- Remember the previously entered user directory when searching.
- Correctly handle a buddy's unsetting his/her vCard-based avatar.
- Squash one more situation that resulted in duplicate entries in the roster (this one where the server reports the buddy as being in the same (empty) group.
* Plugins:
- The Voice/Video Settings plugin now includes the ability to test microphone settings.
- Fix a crash when handling some saved settings in the Voice/Video Settings plugin.
* Windows-Specific Changes:
- Fix building libpurple with Visual C++ .NET 2005. This was accidentally broken in 2.7.11.
- Build internal libgadu using packed structs, fixing several long-standing Gadu-Gadu issues.

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