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Gaim 2.7.0

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* General
- Changed GTK+ minimum version requirement to 2.10.0.
- Changed GLib minimum version requirement to 2.12.0.
- Using the --disable-nls argument to configure now works properly. You will no longer be forced to have intltool to configure and build.
- Fix two related crashes in the GnuTLS and NSS plugins when they suffer internal errors immediately upon attempting to establish an SSL connection.
- Fix NSS to work when reinitialized after being used. (Thanks to Ludovico Cavedon for the testcase)
- Added support for PURPLE_GNUTLS_PRIORITIES environment variable. This can be used to specify GnuTLS priorities on a per-host basis. The format is "host=priority;host2=priority;...". The default priority can be overridden by using "*" as the host. See the GnuTLS manual for documentation on the format of the priority strings.
- Fix autoconf detection of Python. (Brad Smith)
- Fix a crash when a Windows proxy (from IE) does not have a port. (Marten Klencke)

* Pidgin
- Moved the "Debugging Information" section of the About box to a "Build Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
- Moved the Developer and Crazy Patch Writer information from the About box to a "Developer Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
- Moved the Translator information from the About box to a "Translator Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
- Use G!tkStatusIcon for the docklet, providing better integration in notification area.
- Added UI for sending attentions (buzz, nudge) on supporting protocols.
- Make the search dialog unobtrusive in the conversation window (by making it look and behave like the search dialog in Firefox)
- The Recent Log Activity sort method for the Buddy List now distinguishes between no activity and a small amount of activity in the distant past. (Greg McNew)
- Added a menu set mood globally for all mood-supporting accounts (currently XMPP and ICQ).
- Default binding of Ctrl+Shift+v to 'Paste as Plain Text' in conversation windows. This can be changed in .gtkrc-2.0. For example, Ctrl+v can be bound to 'Paste as Plain Text' by default.
- Plugins can now handle markup in buddy names by attaching to the "drawing-buddy" signal. (Daniele Ricci, Andrea Piccinelli)
- Be more accommodating when scaling down large images for use as buddy icons.
- The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows changing the timestamp format from the timestamps' context menu in conversation log.
- The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows forcing 12-hour timestamps. (Jonathan Maltz)
- Fix pastes from Chrome (rich-text pastes and probably URLs having garbage appended to them).
- Show file transfer thumbnails for images on supporting protocols (currently only supported on MSN).

* Bonjour
- Added support for IPv6. (Thanks to T_X for testing)

* Gadu-Gadu
- Updated our bundled libgadu to 1.9.0-rc2 (many thanks to Krzysztof Klinikowski for the work and testing put in here!)
- Minimum requirement for external libgadu is now also 1.9.0-rc2.

* AIM and ICQ
- X-Status (Custom ICQ status icon) support. Since most of the icons available reflect moods, this is labeled "Set Mood" on the Accounts->ICQ Account menu. (Andrew Ivanov, Tomáš Kebert, Yuriy Yevgrafov, and trac users bob007, salieff, and nops)
- Allow setting and displaying icons between 1x1 and 100x100 pixels for ICQ. Previously only icons between 48x48 and 52x64 were allowed.
- When using the clientLogin authentication method, prompt for a password on reconnect when "Remember Password" is not checked and authentication fails due to an incorrect password. (This is the same behavior as the legacy authentication method)
- Support sending and receiving HTML-formatted messages for ICQ.
- Use the proper URL for "View web profile" link for ICQ buddies. (Alexander Nartov)

- Support for version 9 of the MSN protocol has been removed. This version is no longer supported on the servers.
- Support file transfer thumbnails (previews) for images.
- Fix CVE-2010-1624 (custom emoticon remote crash).

- Direct messages to a specific resource only upon receipt of a message with content (as opposed to a typing notification, etc). (Thanks to rjoly for testing)
- Present a better error message when authentication fails while trying to connect to Facebook. (David Reiss, Facebook)
- When sending data using in-band-bytestreams, interpret the block-size attribute as the size of the BASE64-encoded representation of the data.
- Validate the hash on incoming BoB data objects (for custom smileys etc.), cache based per JID when the CID is not a valid hash (as specified by the BoB XEP).
- Send whitespace keepalives if we haven't sent data in a while (2 minutes). This fixes an issue with Openfire disconnecting a libpurple-baesd client that has just been quiet for about 6 minutes.
- Only support Google Talk's JID Domain Discovery extension (allowing a user to log in with "" or "" interchangeably) for those two domains. This change was made due to interoperability issues with some BOSH Connection Managers and namespaced attributes.

* Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN
- Attempt to better handle transparent proxies interfering with HTTP-based login.
- Fix handling of P2P packets, thus fixing the loss of some messages.
- Retrieve the pager server address from Yahoo!'s servers directly.
- Removed the "Pager server" account option, as it is no longer needed.
- The authentication code is now less order-sensitive with the components of the server's response.
- The authentication process now acts more like the official client.

* Finch
- New action 'history-search', with default binding ctrl+r, to search the entered string in the input history.

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